Ooohhhh THANQUE … wireless at last …

1 07 2009

Okey Dokey –

So, for forever I’ve been wanting to have at least part of my house wireless. I had my old Toshiba used to be able to get a signal from the leasing office  across the parking lot and not anything from the living room. A couple of friends tried, but it didn’t work and I literally thought I was destined to having a chunk of cable across my floor.

Ok – so many of you know that I’ve been messing around with Facebook for a while. I’ve re-met friends from forever and an age ago and made some new ones. It kind of reminds me of the old newsgroup or “list” situations I was on for music … but maybe with more private salons where one can talk.

SO – I was approached to be “friended” by a guy I’d known a *very* long time ago. Turns out he does a ton of computer stuff and must have the patience of a saint because he got me in one of my more rapid-fire-patter modes … a happy one fortunately …

Those rapid-fire-patters get me in such trouble …

Any-hoo … he’d been trying for a few days to get me to set up my network and said he could help me long distance. (Greg lives in my old stomping grounds of California) You are NOT going to believe this … after burning up his headset, he was able to get my wireless set up so I’m sitting here in my room, listening to the thunder and dying in the heat w/2 fans going.

Thanque Greg!!!! Now I have *no* excuse to not get the homework and blog posts done …

What am I missing gang???

Hugs – Lizzy




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