RIP – Karl Malden (nee: Mladen Sekulovich)

1 07 2009

OK – we are all realizing that it is truly a bad couple of weeks to be a Hollywood Legend. David Carridine , Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, pitchman Billy Mays, and now Karl Malden.

Karl Malden (left) and Michael Douglas in a still from TV... (Home Video / Paramount)This one really makes me sad  … I really liked Karl Malden and had a lot of respect for the fact he could act and wasn’t a pretty boy. It’s a thundery, rainy, windy, warm night here in Denver … and it marks the passing of one of the greats.

Karl Malden, to me, resonates the same way as Ed McMahon. They’re of a different generation … Mr. Malden was in his 90’s … but they were always there. Of course, Streets of San Francisco – the version Michael Douglas especially – was my favorite Quinn Martin show … it’s my home city!!! 

Remember the made for TV movies, regular movies and the rest … he wasn’t a pretty boy … just a not-so-handsome guy with a heart … usually … or a temper … sometimes … or both intertwined.

He must have just gotten to the Pearly Gates – a HUGE clap of thunder and associated lightening just lit up the rainy, inky black Denver-at-nearing midnight sky.

Rest Peacefully, Mr. Malden. We’ll never see the likes of your talant again.




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