Getting it together … one thing at a time.

3 07 2009

I hope that works. This is one of my more favorite songs just funk line … and I use it for warming up just about joint in my body … when there’s no pain.

The thing I truly need is an I-pod.

Yesterday, the visit to the Chiropractor finally opened up my neck … breathing easier, headache going away … but I woke up today and I feel some of the tightness again. In the past, I would have been irritated. Today, I rolled my neck and remembered that this tightness will go away as my neck and muscles re-set themselves from where they are into where they are supposed to be. I rolled my shoulders back and heard the little pops … and that’s not something that has happened in a while.

Why I’m writing this is because it’s a reminder that it sometimes takes a bit longer than we truly want for things to get re-set properly. It happens one step at a time. It takes a lot longer to heal than it takes to do the damage in the first place!

I’m typing this while listening to Dan Caro’s segment on Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Begone PBS program. Whether or not you like Wayne Dyer … you’ve got to see this little bit on this guy …

One thing at a time …



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