Yeah …. another thought on the Michael Jackson thus & such

7 07 2009

I’m doing homework and the pop culture historian here has CNN on in the background. They’re showing the Michael Jackson Program and my gut says a few things:

I was a white kid who learned to let the music flow through with Michael Jackson. I felt when Jackson said in the now infamous Martin Bahsier “Living with Michael Jackson” that to dance to the music, you just go through you that he was explaining something I knew completely. It took me a long time to just dance again … at a show … at a race … in my living room … because I was surrounded by people who didn’t *get it* … And … you know … that very same feeling is what I get when I’m clicked in to my walking … Thanks Michael.

It’s really a sad state of affairs because Jackson, like so many song-smiths, truly was a tragic figure. He was a consummate performer and perfectionist in the realm of his life he felt he had some control over – the performance and songwriting. Sounds like the rest of his life … the private-that-became-public … was a bit of a mess. Maybe he thought he could trust others to be professionals in the areas they’re hired …

However …

I think about my friends who have been around through the storms of my life. We’ve been there for one another and said what we can. Ok – sometimes the messages aren’t well received and tactics need to be altered to get the bitter pills down, but I’ve moved away from the “yes ma’am” kind of people to those who do challenge me. There’s a balance between being an ass and being a push-over friend … and it’s a strange teetering act.

I think there have been plans for funeral/memorial services for forever. Things can be created quickly, however looking at what they put out … it strikes me that the program was created and just waiting for updated quotes and photos. I’m glad that people are celebrating the contributions to entertainment, music and humanitarian. Far from perfect, but very savvy and knowledgeable about publicity … Whether or not he was a pedophile … I always questioned the parents who allowed the ‘fame’ to cloud judgment.

So … The Michael-Jackson-A-Thon is just like the Princess-Diana-A-Thon is just like the Elvis-Prestly-A-Thon … just at a different period in time with a different mix of media and networking.

Lessons to be learned …

**we’re all complex mixes of darkness and light,
**sometimes childhood demons take a lot longer to exorcise and have long reaching tendrils,
**try to put good out there
**$30 Million in income can be squandered just as easily as staring up at the poverty line,
**people touch more people than anyone really knows

But … folks … I’d like to put a media moratorium on the word “surreal” and the six overplayed tunes.

Petunia Dursley would definitely call him “a freak” and there was much that made me sad about the tragedy of his life we in America seem to obsess on … we seem to love to watch big freak-shows … what does this say about us? Friends laugh at me because although I am a chronic observer of popular culture, I don’t spend time obsessing over private lives, reading coverage of the latest implosion, etc … I am actually more interested in reaction to it and what to learn.

As a person who would love seemingly unending cash flow and is in the process of clearing her head, this is another bit of proof that money and fame doesn’t really resolve problems … just opens the door to more complicated ones if you’re surrounded by vultures and emotional vampires … and tie your sense of self to a creation.

Back to regularly rambling posts later!




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