Lizzy gets new Cookies …

8 07 2009

Well – today my cookies (orthodics) came in. Doc was a pretty happy camper that I had my Racer ST-IV’s with me … and as he cut the toe bed part of the orthodic, he kept telling me I had to readthe documentation that came with them. OY!!!

Doc is a kick and a half. I think he’s like 6’2″ or so and about the same width as a shoelace and weighs about as much as a pair of slicks! He’s also a crack-up at age like 25? I forgot.

I’m pretty psyched to get these things because I’ve been using over-the-counter products for quite a bit of time and now simply want to put myself together properly from the ground up … literally! He had me stand on them and he took a lot of time to explain pronation to me.

Now, I have sort of had a clue as to what this is all about, but I guess whenever I’ve talked to folks, they figure I already have a lot of knowledge. Doc has gotten good at re-starting when I’ve interrupted and gotten it partially. It appears that I do pronate (like this is a suprise) but my right is far more of an over-achiever in the pronation department than my left. Ok … this makes sense. He really had my look down my legs and I could really see the difference between my ankles. My right really rolls in. Then Doc pointed out how my toes were starting to slide to compensate. THEN he had me look at my knees …


I guess it’s because I’ve usually been in a busy running store when I’ve asked about pronation. “Yeah, Lizzy, you do pronate…” Doc really shows me and better than that, he makes sure I understand. I really respect that. After all this time, I’m really starting to get what the changes are and what things are supposed to do. He had me standing barefoot and I could really see the difference. Then I stood on the new cookies on the floor and rolled my foot around until everything looked at least kinda matched. Ok – that’s what we’re going toward.

I just hit the Brooks Shoe Advisor site … Moderate Pronation -> Medium/Large Build -> High Arch -> Road Racing …. Racer ST-IV … wow … got it right, hu?

I’ve worn the cookies for an hour wandering around … now I’m off to the track either indoors or out … depends on the heat.  If someone reminds me, I’ll tell ya’ll about the neck traction … hanging against the wall … oohh!

Cheers – Lizzy




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