A Note on Putting It Off

12 07 2009

I laughed at myself this morning … nah – rephrase … I laughed with myself this morning. I was standing on my stairs in my nightshirt doing heel raises and the kid next door’s ‘music’ was vibrating the wall (note it is 6:00 a.m.). I heard something below me (I live on the third floor) and it was Abby – my neighbor.

“Good Morning Miss Lizzy! What are you doing??” Abby’s always in a bit of a harried rush and was carrying up two of the large Starbucks cups in a tray.

“Oh – a friend of mine reminded me of a couple of stretches, so I’m getting them done.” I was also realizing I was standing on the stairs in my nightshirt!

“Oy! I have no time for exercises! If I had the money, I’d join a gym or something! That’s why you are so thin!” and she hurried off with the coffees. She gets the Starbucks at least every morning … hum …

As I was realizing just how weak my shins truly have become, I thought about my day. I’m a natural morning person and have two huge things I’ve got to get accomplished — my training and getting caught up in my homework. The thing I noticed yesterday is I’ve not been able to clear my mind and really enjoy my work-outs with this class still over my head. I’ve been kind of avoiding it because it’s just an awful lot.

It’s like avoiding doing stretching or properly warming up. Yeah – it takes time, but once it’s a habit … it doesn’t take any time anymore.

The interesting thing is whatever is being put off will have to be done at some point and it puts off the things of the moment that I really want to do!

So – it’s a morning of dealing with this class and afternoon of as many miles as possible. Sure it’s going to be hot … but it’s getting hot now … I’d prefer to go out and enjoy my walk knowing that I’ve gotten things I’ve been putting off started than do my walk and have the weight of those things on me.




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