Back form the Chiro – Cookie Time ;-)

13 07 2009

Well Monday is my ‘day off’ … so I’m grabbing my homework and 700000 tons of laundry and heading to the laundry mat nearby. I can do more things at once there.

Just got back from the chiropractor. I must admit that I’m dismayed a bit because of the cookies causing owies just as the owies were starting to go away, but I had a long talk with Doc O. He agreed that I was right in my thinking that the cookies are already starting to adjust things, hence my having some issues with my left knee. I’m under orders to get out of them if pain increases and to keep stretching.

I have to see the positive here … I’m actually stretching my calves and shins on my stairs because it makes everything feel better! So – we’re marking the cookies as little change makers.

I remembered some pain when I was trying to use a set before, but there was so much else going wrong at the same time that it could have been anything. I know that I stopped using them because my feet just never felt right in them. My old set, interestingly enough, are still Velcro’d in my pair of Addidas’ I used to train in. Once we get me set with these, we’re going to adjust the old ones as much as possible for use in loafers and dress shoes with a slightly more narrow toe box.

Another thing I have been wondering about is when I’ve had those wet-foot-on-paper tests or the computerized scan one which are supposed to determine arch height, I’ve been told I have an extremely high arch. Are the cookies supposed to not only work on the pronation, but keep my arch more or less where it is? Yup. I guess what I don’t get is when I was looking for a bit of clip art for this blog everything was if you had a high arch you supinate and flat foot you pronate. Sigh … yet another question. I’m open to answers!

So now that my shoulders and back feel pretty good – 10 minutes of rolling and adjustment … and I zapped the inside of both knees and the ‘usual spots’ on the right for 10 minutes per knee with the cold laser … I’m going to heft three huge Bed Bath and Beyond reusable black bags of laundry down to the car and go on with the next part of the day!

Yippy Skip!




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