June 6-12 … sigh!

13 07 2009

Ok – this was just one of those weeks, but I’ll just pick up and keep going along! It’s been hot in Denver and a fair amount of stupidity around. As part of my goals for the year, Time Management and Putting Lizzy First has been a very large part of it. If it means that I’ve got to go to the gym, I’ll go there. Sure it costs me money, but at least if I’m not feeling well, there are people around. If at the gym the track is too warm, I’ll go to the treadmill.

Interesting note was I got an e-mail from buddies who have all my old training logs, such as they are, and journals. Nice to be able to trust them. Anyway, they said it was July last year when I was feeling extremely sluggish … to the point where I tried to get blood work done … beginning Lizzy v. Blood Draws for a lot of that month. They also noticed that March to April are low energy months for me.

Monday July 6 … off … trying to get stuff for school done. Stress. Very behind in the class because I thought I could go one way with it and it’s going to take a lot of time to get straight.

Tuesday July 7 … stressed out. Gym. 52 minutes. 4 miles. 24 laps around the track.

Wednesday July 8 … got orthotics/cookies. Will wear 1 hr/day with 1 hour increase daily – normal walking. Potential problems: slightly resumed leg pain because of muscles being re-taught where they’re supposed to be. Grand.  Started off at the track, moved in to the indoor track: Economy: 1 minute. Approximately 1.5 lap/minute. A lot of traffic. 10 laps.

Thursday July 9: First day in the cookie wear. Needing to stretch out a little more. Knees (both) hurting a little. Got ticked and did 100-meter repeats to blow off steam. Probably sprinted (running) many of them. 52 minutes. 4 miles. Treadmill. Track too damned hot.

Friday July 10: Second day of cookie wear. Feeling it in my knees and calves slightly. Maybe just paying too much attention. Started Allegro Pilates. Will be good, but I’m seriously out of shape and out of stretch and flexibility. This is going to be very good to get the crap out … but will take effort to get back to my personal ground zero. ERF! Feeling it in my knees right now. Need to heed it. Far more important right now! 52 minutes. 4 miles. Track – hot and addled.

Saturday: Not a good day at all. Couldn’t sleep. Got up at 4 to go to the track and after 3k warming up, felt like there were straps wrapped around my legs and a spike in my knee. I’m pushing too hard. I think I wore the cookies too long. Was supposed to meet up with Yvonne’s group, but didn’t get the ‘where they meet’ e-mail until after I got back. That’s depressing. Started to really get the schedule together so I can get the school stuff accomplished and realized that Clinic weekend is double booked. The fact that Lisa wrote from Canada got me to even look at it. She’s coming down for a visit and the clinic … it’d be really good to see her. She’s a good pal who is an awesome racewalker. Went out in the afternoon to try and give the work-out another try. Another 3k and I still felt like lead. Not sure what was going on. Wash. I’m really concerned about the long miles tomorrow.

Sunday: Hot and had to get things done in the morning. Ended up trying to wait until the afternoon to get the miles in to give the knees a chance to calm down. I’m not really concerned. I do believe it’s just getting used to the cookies and starting to do exercises properly. Decided late in the day it was cool enough, so had to go more by feel and daylight than the mileage on the schedule.3:10:00. 14 miles. Ok. Non-eventful, except bugs.




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13 07 2009

If this a pattern for you, I am sure tons of people have a rough time during the summer.
I know it takes everything I have in me to keep working out during the hottest part of the year.
I was training for a Sep marathon last summer and scrapped it due to almost passing out during a long walk.
Anyhow, just keep up the good work, and good luck getting used to the new cookies. I don’t know if I could keep wearing them knowing they were going to cause some pain during the initial wear period. You are one tough cookie yourself!

13 07 2009


I didn’t really notice the pattern until it was mentioned to me. I’ve never handled heat well … SF Bay Girl here. Then again I’ve never handled extreme cold either … so it’s a situation of more tools in the tool box. If it means treadmill time, it’s making it work. It was like finding the indoor track … I go slightly insane going around 6.5x for a mile, but I’ll get over it!


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