I love my friends … Steve’s back in the news … in a good way!

14 07 2009

Ok – anyone who knows me knows somehow I’ve found myself surrounded by these amazing and inspirational people … at least three of them have, quite literally, shot lungs: Roxlyn Cole, Mike McBride and Steve Gaudet. They’ve all proven that toting oxygen (Lyn and Mike) or more inhaler device thingies (yeah, something I need to be better about) is just a part of the game and things aren’t going to get in their way!

Boston marathon finishers certificate

Steve w/Official Finisher's Certificate for Boston and Ever Watchful Kitty Winston

Steve, however, spends entirely too much time in the hospital these days (take a look at http://www.breathinstephen.com or the link over in my links section). This week, I’ve really been worried about my friend I’ve yet to meet. When I was in SF, we were finally going to meet. He’d just gotten back from the Boston Marathon and out of that “requisite” hospital visit and we were going to have a coffee then go to his UCSF check up. Yeah – I wanted to see what they do. Unfortunately, I got the text message that said he was “in the pokie” (he refers to the hospital as “jail”). My heart sank. Dad found his UCSF ID and brought in a package just as Steve was going through some really nightmarish stuff.

He pulled through … but he had to do another stint this past week. I do my best to give him something to giggle about while he’s there – be it a text which he may or may not get or a patient delivery message (with notes of thanks to the people delivering them). Just sending smiles and love from his friend he’s never met who can’t do anything but be a bit goofy.

SO – I found out he was out of the pokie today … Yeah! AND I was looking at my San Jose Rock and Roll Marathon e-mail update … and whose face is shining wearing his Boston Marathon shirt? Steve! They used his story for the race!


So – Not only is my friend out of the pokie, but he’s famous some more! With all my years of media, you would think I would be very jaded to all this … but I’m not! I’m a happy pup!

All I have to say is “Yo’ Steve … you’ve got a race to keep me going in in October … That’s the reason why you hang back … you’re ready to kick my butt if I don’t go for it, hu?!”

Giggle … 🙂

Oh yeah — I’ll buy the coffee … what the heck!




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