Just over 4 miles training in the cookies….

15 07 2009

Yesterday was a 4+ miler … and the first day I could train wearing the cookies. I was a bit apprehensive because, let’s face it, these things are kind of freaky and have caused some problems … in order to fix more.

Doc said that he wanted me to wear them during the break-in period for training in a straight line. No track, no uneven surface … that just screams an hour on the treadmill, but it was icky hot anyway and I could treat myself to the dry sauna afterward.

They didn’t hurt but did feel a little strange. I guess I’m just not used to something being that high under my arch. The proof of the pudding, of course, was how was I doing today … and I’m fine, more or less.

Today’s track work out isn’t going to be done with the cookies unless he says it’s OK. Doc ran track and is concerned with the edges. So … unless I really feel like it, it’ll be back into my spare insoles … I’m down with that … It’s also nice weather … let’s hope it holds for when I can get to the track!




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