This just makes me giggle … Had to share

16 07 2009

trailer 1So … I work in a portable building on the Auraria Campus in Denver for the University of Colorado. It’s not terrible actually because it is a stand alone. It’s quiet, has it’s own heating and cooling and boatloads of room. Of course, it’s missing indoor plumbing – but we’re located across the way from the Tivoli Student Union. When I was having my crown pop off leaving me with a gaping hole in the back of my mouth while working for a master’s program in a trailer without plumbing … or pink flamingos … the irony of the situation was not lost on me.

The trailer backs on to what they call a ‘track’ down here. The only truly useful bit of it is barely 100 meters of asphalt, but it’s still there. Also, I’m reasonably close to the gym (which is … uh … ok) and the Platt River bike path (cement). Now that I’m finally getting out of work reasonably on time, I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday walks being done on this bike path. Ok cement isn’t my favorite, but it’s close. I is what I was hoping to do since we moved to this space, but that didn’t happen. I just have to remember to bring my water vest as I’m still having hydration issues.

Note to self – I need to get one size larger for longer walks.

As we all know, I’m the “Auntie Dizzy” for a handful of my friends’ kids as neither my sister nor I had kids … and I don’t know her 20-something step-daughter. I’m seriously in the minority here. Catherine has twin girls. Margaret has a son and daughter. Myra currently has two grandsons and is waiting for the arrival of a third grandbaby. Anyway, the Director of the program has a grandson named Ford. I think he’s in the second grade. He usually has been hanging out with his grandfather when they’re down here visiting from Steamboat Springs.

One of Myra’s grandsons is Ford. For some reason, he and I get along pretty well. He’s a good kid in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I’m so bad at this, hu? He does like to do drawings. They make me laugh as I’ve been the subject of a few.

This week, I’ve been a little frustrated with lack of sleep, too much heat, my own putting stuff off, and training feeling not up to par. I’m dealing with it by getting off my own back.

**Sleep is problematic due to the heat … so just meditate, relax, read.
**Putting stuff off just means that I’ve got to kick myself in the ass and get it done as best I can; screw trying to get it right the first time or ‘perfect’.
**My training … it’s not as sub-par as I think because I’m taking care of all the crap I’ve been putting off – and Dave is putting reminders in there … and I know he’s not trying to kill me, I have to really assess what I can ford pictureand can’t do right now … I’ll get to those 18+ mile days … sooner rather than later, but I need to not only wrap my legs around them, but wrap my head around it. The big thing is that I’m dealing with last years’ injuries and those that I’ve not wanted to admit. Injuries are like onion layers!

I came in this morning … tired … and sitting in the middle of my desk is what is now known as “Warrior Princess Lizzy, Defender of the Universe” … my eyes just welled up a little and I smiled.

Yup – I can do anything — I’m Warrior Princess Lizzy – Defender of the Universe … and part-time Zombie Slayer! Watch out!!




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