Friday … four steps forward … one step back … I’m still ahead! ;-)

17 07 2009

Well … today marks the first full week of full-time wearing cookies and the second day wearing them for ‘straight line’ walking …


I saw Dr. O today. He said I’m making really good progress and understood my being frustrated with my inner knee being painful again. I isolated it kind of at the top of my very tight (for me) hamstring. Ok … stretch and get back. Did I mention their website www. … One of the things that a probably frustrated Dave McG has probably spent the better part of a year suggesting to me is that I need to get fixed and by someone who understands Athletes … because that’s what I am … an Athlete. Since it’s taken forever for me to consider myself an athlete again … I’ve gone whatever route I can afford. Some stuff has been pretty good, but when I finally hit “I’ve had it” level mid year, I decided that if the doc doesn’t have an interest and understanding of athletics … I’m not going there. These guys are both young and very in to their sports … and they’ve had their hands full with me, but we’re rounding on a month soon and I’ve felt the changes. I know there is a lot of work to be going on with, but Dr. O and Doc are definitely earning a huge spot on Team Shep … it’s making it easier for me to really tune in to myself and care about my getting better simply due to the fact that these guys care. When you’re doing a sport like Racewalking and really getting close to just giving up … and one of your doctors (Doc) reminds me “Ok, the next thing you’ve really got to pay attention to with the new ortodics is your big toe, it’s where you roll off of and we’re making changes …take it easy. Do your training, but don’t do your first miles in the ortodics on a track – straight line like a treadmill, ok?” The guy is a former track runner … but he has read everything I’ve given him. I’m not willing to go sub-standard in any area of my life anymore!

Where was I? Oh yes — it’s Friday!

This was my first regular level Allegro Reformer Pilates class. Allegro Reformer is a bit different than what I’d used at Pilates at Cherry Creek. They’re designed to be completely mobile and are maybe 2 inches off the ground. I’m actually pretty impressed and if I was in the market, I’d probably get one for my house as it can be popped in a corner and be a strange sort of modern art sculpture. Unlike what I’d had before, it’s a very chatty class. The routine is a bit different, so I felt a little lost here and there.

 Anyway, since I had that going on, I figured I’d beat the heat and work out on the track – paying attention to what my feet are doing. It’s a little safer when my leg doesn’t feel right. I can isolate what I’m feeling in a very safe environment vs. being out on a walk someplace and having a problem. A cop out … not really. If I didn’t have stuff I’ve got to get done tonight and this weekend, I’d go from the indoor track to pilates to maybe weights then the pool. I’m hoping to start that pattern next week. Today, I just didn’t have the time.

I did my heels and toes around the track and it was extremely hot … and it started getting full of folks. I bailed out and noticed the treadmill I like was free. If you know me, you know I’m not big about Ultimate Direction Sport Bottle - 20 with headphones, but when I’m on a treadmill, all bets are off. Today’s tunes was the Roll The Bones album by Rush. I set the treadmill for 60 minutes, but kept an eye on the track because if it started to empty out, I was diving out there. Setting of 2 incline, I took off … 3.07 miles and exactly 40 minutes later the track was dead. I was off that death-by-conveyor-belt-necessary-evil as one sweaty mass of Lizzy. I keep a bottle of Gatorade cocktails with me at all times because I sweat … like … oh a shower?!  I just kept the music in my hand (I’m so old school … I have a portable cd player) and started in on the 6.5 times around the track. I know I started out too fast but it just felt pretty good. I wanted to push that last mile because this was the first time that I was doing any non-treadmill walking in my cookies and I wanted to give the tootsies a work out. Counting laps on my fingers … going in to lap 5 I was really hot. I laughed at myself “Come ON Lizzy …. it’s only 2 more laps and a smidge …. you LOVE this!!!” Ok – I don’t love going around in circles, but one of my goals is to wrap my head around it! I guess I did because I was fairly shocked that my watch read 12:40.

The toes that have been a bit of a nightmare over the last 10 months complained a little, but not a lot. That spot at the top of the hamstring, was problematic, but didn’t grab or anything. I was a bit concerned with feeling clunky, but that’s just going to take time to work out. I did my last mile for the total of 4 today … I think today was 4 … watch it be 5 … I didn’t have my notebook with me. I felt good. My legs felt a bit like lead, but I attribute that to being on a treadmill. The clunky bothered me. Overheated, but that subsided pretty quick.

Downstairs to the Allegro class. This is a lot different than the Pilates Reformer I’ve done in the past and I do like it a lot. The group is pretty chatty and that’s fine. It’ll take me a little while to get used to the routine, but it’s really going to be good. The problem was the room was really hot … ok – I’m probably the age for Mental-Pause but we don’t have any clue via my mother and my sister and I aren’t on terms which would discuss things like menopause … the other gals were having problems too, but I was probably off on my hydration again. Of course, I feel like I’m lowering the water table of Denver by feet lately, but who cares. We were going in to an arm series and I was feeling woosy. I put myself into a Child’s Pose (folded over on myself) to get things back and that didn’t exactly work. I tried to keep up and I stared at the instructor … the next thing I knew I was on my side on the hardwood floor. They said I slow motion crumpled. I wasn’t out for long. One gal had a cranberry pamogranit juice drink – better than nothing, eh? It pulled me back but I missed the rest of the arm series. Next set was flat on my back and I was OK.

How I put it on my facebook: Lis Shepard is back from pilates and 4 miles indoors. Positive: 3.07 miles in 40 minutes then the track opened up and 1 mile on the indoor track in 00:12:40. Positive: feet felt OK! Negative: passed out about 45 minutes in to Pilates class. Positive: reformer only an inch or so from the floor … Positive: the new protein stuff a gal gave me did the trick … so four positives and one sucky. I like those odds.

I’m serious … four positives and one negative … I’m still ahead!

Before any of you get up in arms – one of my closest pals immediately got a hold of me via facebook and we just got off the phone. He got me to think precisely about what I’ve been eating and how warm my house is. It’s 91.5 inside and 81.5 outside according to my atomic clock … there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. Last year, I was sleeping out on the balcony but I don’t have a reasonably comfortable lawn lounger so that’s part of why I’ve been sleeping in the heat indoors.

I’ll really watch the hydration and I’m downing *more* protein … I just have to be careful because if I eat too much, I’ll simply yak!

Until tomorrow! Dizzy Ms. Lizzy … literally!




2 responses

17 07 2009

my goodness. I am glad you are alright. I thought I was the only one who lived inside a sauna. Small house, no central a/c… 100+ outside??? I don’t wanna know how hot it is inside.

Take care!

17 07 2009

Ha! Actually, my apartment is so hot I’d prefer to live outside! It’s 91 INSIDE, Maryann!! I’ve got an air conditioner, but it is only in the living room. It is for there but doesn’t do a fig for the rest of the house. I’ve got a couple of fans in the bedroom but I just die anyway. In the winter, the only way to get any heat as I’m at the far end of the boiler system is to leave it cranked hence my sliding glass door open most of the winter!

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