Best Laid Plans … sigh

18 07 2009

Well, best laid plans sometimes have a way of going awry. This is one of those weekends that had to be carefully scripted in order to work. I had a bit of wiggle room this morning, but not much … and most definately not the amount it is appearing I’m needing.

I promised a friend who is off at a 1/2 marathon with friends that I would meet up with her Saturday morning walking group. I really was happy to do it … of course, that would make today, Saturday, one of those carefully scripted days as I would have to finish in an hour and fly home, shower and get to a friend’s presentation I was going to.

Ok … no real problem. I set up with another friend to hold a seat for me and went along with my evening.

By the time I got home last night around midnight, there was a terrible sound under my car. A friend of mine thinks it’s the oil pan that is dragging under the car, but whatever it is, I’m not driving a car with a spark producer dragging!

Since I was feeling still a little off from yesterday, which was supposed to be 5 miles acceleration and it appears I did 4 completely by accident – will make up the 5th mile today, I really needed to get to sleep. I was tired coming home, but this woke me through the few hours I had. I got up and ordered the rental car in the middle of the night and really need to lie down again. I’m still quite tired!

So, the upshot is that I’ve let down more than one friend from this walking group because I don’t have a telephone number for the contact who is in Colorado right now (my bad, I didn’t think to ask). I’m having to come up with mecahnic fees, towing (unless AAA will cover it) and car rental. I’m going to try to lie down until the car place opens – Enterprise where they’ll come and get me … call the mechanic and see if they can slip me in or if it’s going to be next week and just roll with it. I’ll try to do miles this afternoon before I go back to the event this evening.

I’m not in a bad mood, it’s just things that need to be taken care of. I couldn’t plan for this to happen, but it has and I’m hoping the mechanic has time. I will have the opportunity to state that the reason the car hasn’t been back was that when I left the keys under the mat when I was out of town on a race per arrangement for them to pick up the car and do the work … well … they were where I’d left them and the work wasn’t done. I don’t have many options here for mechanics right now.

Sigh … just deal and move along.





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