Colorado Whacked Out Weather!

21 07 2009

Ok – this San Francisco Bay Girl is still in complete awe of the strangeness which is Colorado weather.

Yesterday was my recovery day from the weekend. I had to start dealing with the car (I’m having it towed to Holiday Auto this afternoon after work) and assorted other things. Grace had invited me to dinner on Monday evening and I’d been reminded that I was going … so faced with cleaning up the detritus of a weekend of dumping whatever in the hall, passing out for an hour or two then starting over again, or going over to hang with one of my best buds … the choice was clear … the fact that where I was going is the land of the Comfy Couch … added extra bonus.

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Ok, I don't know anything about Anime, but this was kind of a cool pix.

Grace, Mouse (my long lost child born to other people) and I got together in the early afternoon and it was story time. I don’t know all that much about Anime – but the ladies just let me play along and fill in the blanks where necessary. It had been “convention weekend” and Mouse was telling stories about the hotel in Kansas where there were signs about stowing firearms … serious as a heart attack!!!!  She said there was a bullet hole in her room and it was at a nice hotel, not some Motel-From-Hell-But-Affordable-Where-Bedbugs-Have-Names.

They took me to a small Anime store where the guy had a selection of hats … anyone who knows me knows when I’m inspired, I just like playing with things … and I got a serious giggle out of it all.

sushi plate by mobob.I must admit that the best sushi I’ve had has actually not been in California, but Colorado. It is a treat I truly enjoy, but I’m lousy at ordering. The big thing for me is verifying that the crab is real crab and not that vile abomination of death called “Krab” … whomever thought that one up needs to be force-fed s’mores made with weak milk chocolate and tar while being told it’s really burnt marshmallows!

Fun time had by all!

We got back to Grace’s and it was a couple of The Venture Bros. shorts until Mouse had to go home. I didn’t want to wear out my welcome, especially since Grace and I had spent the weekend with one another, but we started talking on a lot of things and really got to know one another. I really appreciated it. It was nice to be able to work out some of my have baked thoughts that came up over the weekend and I know I’ve got to deal with.

As I was getting up to leave, it started to lightening and pour. Although I’m in the rental car, my night vision is still fairly poor. I’m either getting older, or I just need new specs … or both. I just settled back into the leather couch of heaven and tried to keep my sentences together. More or less worked … I think. Not sure … wasn’t listening to me, listening to Grace’s stories.

Tornado season begins in Iowa


Next thing we both heard was the Tornado Siren from the golf course the house skirts. She immediately picked up the remote control for the television to check The Weather Channel and I went to the window. It was interesting to me because our conversation had drifted among a lot of subjects and came to rest on just where would we be in our respective apartments in case of a tornado. Since I live on the top floor, I asked Joan to give me an idea of where I should be in case of a tornado. She told me which bathroom if I couldn’t grab Bailey and get to the bottom of my building. I was more concerned about my friends as the lay out of their home has open walls everywhere. Since I’m the directionally challenged, I usually call them when I hear air-raid sirens because they’re on one side of Cherry Creek Park and I’m on the other … and can quickly say “Don’t worry, Lissy … it’s not here…” but I’m also prepared for “We’re on our way over!” if it is there!

It was quite terrifying to see what was happening. MASSIVE hail storms, flooding and lightening. I figured Bailey would be hiding in the bathroom and would be safe at home. Grace left a message for Mouse and I gave Jackie a call to find out where she was and how her family was. Her elderly mom is out of power, but she though everything was ok. I looked at Grace and said “You know, I’m actually glad I’ve got the rental car right now.” Eyes pealed right back and she said “OH YEAH!!!” We both know that although I really do appreciate my car, the Mitz is on the ground, hard to see and doesn’t handle driving in foul weather well. I’m driving a bright red sedan … I can be seen for … MILES!

It’s weather like this where you start thinking about contingency plans. I guess since I’ve lived under the threat of earthquakes since day one, I’ve kind of always got that contingency thing in mind. I did realize that with all the shoving things around I’ve been doing, I wasn’t exactly sure where my camp stove was but propane is where it should be. I’ve lost power more in Colorado than anyplace in California, so I’m quite good at making my morning tea on the balcony if necessary.

As I’m getting stuff done here at work, friends from maintenance have been poking their noses in. They know I live alone and wanted to make sure I was OK. They’ve lost trees, blackberry bushes, garages, windows and the like. Each had stories of wandering out in a t-shirt and boxer shorts to talk with neighbors in the inky darkness caused by no power … me … I kind of felt a little guilty sipping water on the comfy couch, talking with a friend, watching the storms try to take apart either side of the main freeway going through Colorado.




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