Post Clinic

2 08 2009

Clinic was a little different this year than previous ones – very different vibe. I can’t quite explain why, but I know I went in with several things on my mind and some were answered directly and others will require a bit more thougth.

The big thing for me is the whole shoe thing. I didn’t try out the set I’m thinking for distance mainly because I walked from home to the Tri-For-A-Cure where I did what I’ve been told I do best – cheer people on. I finally got the arm drive thing in my head on Saturday … don’t ask me why it finally clicked, but it did and I taught the folks going up the hill how to keep their arms at 90 degrees and let them do the work. Interestingly enough people recognized me as The Tiki Lady from the Avon walks. My friend Grace said that there were those who were talking about how the 90 degree arm thing worked. I didn’t see her coming up, but she was just motoring and I know she prefers to be left alone when she’s exercising – just moral support and I figured she would hear me … she did …all good.

I wasn’t all that impressed with how they handled the logistics for that event, so I’ve gotten over my wanting to do it. I do a lot of long format events – 1/2 and full marathons and I’m sure Dave would be happy to read this in type:  

No matter how much I’d like to do it because it’s a cause I believe in, it’s not my primary sport and I really need to concentrate there.

First day, as I wrote before, I found one set of kicks that worked. They’re far more bendy than I’ve ever dealt with and I think it really accentuated my weak feet. I’m not going to lie about it or make excuses – I’ve kinda been doing exercises, but since that instructor who taught amazing foot exercises left Pilates of Cherry Creek, I’ve been trying to remember them to no avail. …. SOOOOO that means that I need to get off my ass and do the drills I’m not crazy about. I like being by myself, so I’ll just find the time to do them. Simple and as complex as that.

There was a strange vibe to the clinic — but I’m not sure what it was. I know that I was actually more on a mission and it was great to have Lisa there to talk with. We spent long in to the night talking about things – and how coaching is done in her training group etc. I see the benefit of a training group, I just have to get out and walk with folks.

I’m extremely sore mainly due to pilates so I need Monday off … where I’ll have the Chiropractor, Pilates and re-starting weights. I also need to make an appointment with Marty to properly re-start my weight program.

I had a great time. I felt more focused and really learned a great deal by watching the other folks of various levels. The repeat cast of characters was only Janet, Darla, Yvonne, Rita and myself. Lisa went to the Camp. I missed a bunch of the folks I’d hoped to see, but I wasn’t surprised because going every year for several years … well … not an amazing lot of difference for some folks. Everyone else was new — and Dave’s style of moving quickly at times is sometimes a little too quick for folks.

It was extremely hot. I’m really glad I stopped and grabbed gallon cubes of water. I knew Lisa and I were fine and we could share. Of course, I have to get them out of there … someday … but then again … maybe not!  🙂

I am contemplating going back to camp, but only if I’m uninjured and on the upswing. I’ll truly only know around October 5. It’s cost prohibitive also and other things will need to be handled first. If I do go back, I’m skipping a lot of the exercise part and doing a VO2 max test. My lungs are a weak link and I’m really curious. I’ve got a lot of travelling already happening and maybe I’ll put it off to next year.




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