Second Day – Again with the kicks

2 08 2009

Ok – I need to get going, but I’ll get this updated.

Today is day two of the racewalking clinic here. It’s great to see Dave, Loretta and meet Cavin (The Little Mister). A lot of very interesting folks at the clinic this year. I’m learning a lot by watching others and listening to the corrections. It’s not a situation of standing there trying to sound like I know a fig about what it is that is being observed, but when I do see something and have it confirmed … okey dokey.

The biggest thing for me is watching my own changes and comfort level. I know I’ll never explain it well, but a lot of things have changed since last May with me as an individual. It was great having Lisa there because we could talk a bit and since we’re good enough friends – constructive stuff comes out or, at the very least, tools on the proverbial table. The only hard thing is that I’m still a natural morning and night person, so I’ve not been getting a boatload of sleep – but who cares really?

The latest attempt on kicks are Asics Gel Bandito – men’s 11.5 … OOFAH higher size? Actually, that’s only because they didn’t have the 11’s and I really want to spend Sunday at the track observing and trying them out.

I’m trying to get this new kicks thing down with Dave being here to pick what I can out of his brain. Lisa has been amazingly helpful, however, as we talked last night over ice cream, brownies and carrot cake I’m a heavy pronator and she’s not … so there are differences in what is needed. That’s big. Since racewalking really is the sport of pronation, I don’t want it completely corrected, but I want it enough corrected so that I’m not falling in on myself and continuing to damage this knee.

Dave suggested these kicks. I’ve tried them before and something didn’t feel quite right … I’m truly thinking it is because they were small for me. If they feel OK but I want them in an 11, I’ll ask for them. I just have to get this thing down.

I’m to the point where my ‘beloved’ Racer ST’s really have to go because I want to have more toe flexibility. It’s not that there is anything wrong with them, but I think I need to move to something more flexible. I’m doing a lot of small changes, one at a time, and I’m hoping it works. The Bandito is a long distance kick … so let’s see what happens. I can only hope it’ll not be discontinued.

I’m learning a lot about my own changes this clinic … and trusting my observations and gut feeling. I wish that some of the gut feelings weren’t true, but so be it. Having them backed up by a completely neutral observer, well … I asked if I was being overly sensitive and it’s not the case.

I was hoping to get out of here by 6 a.m. and quite obviously that isn’t happening. I’m sore from the new Pilates and trying fairly hard in the clinic. I’m also sun-burnt. Since I’m not doing 10, but more like an hour, I’m not as concerned with it. The mileage will actually be a lot of back and forth stuff.

The changes I’m seeing in myself are actually good and holding. I’m ok with them. There are things that I thought would be important to me that aren’t. I’m looking forward to getting the training kick-started and I think Lisa coming down here and sharing her thoughts about a lot of things has really cemented my own thoughts. The death of my training partner happening, quite literally, the day before she came down from Calgary is a bit more signifigant than I would normally have thought.

The big thing for me, however, is I’ve got to find the receipt for the Pearli Zumas so I can return them w/o having to resort to a store credit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably end up using the store credit, sooner rather than later, however I like having the cash.

I’m really getting happier about a lot of things. I think a lot of the reason why I went in to hock paying for the Florida Racewalking Camp was because I needed to meet the people I did. I’m really thankful for that. I’m contemplating trying to afford going back next November … not sure at this point because I’ve got to know precisely what I can get away with in classes. I’ll be missing a week in October … and another in November might be bad … but if it looks like it’s going to make me a better racer … it might be a very good idea.

Something to think about.



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