Sigh – Banditos …

3 08 2009

Sigh … Trying to find kicks for these flopping flipper feet that are lower heel but still have pronation stability is becoming a bit of a chore. I guess it’s because I kind of lucked out with the Racer series of Brooks working … but since the point of the action is getting the height of the heel down and toe flexibility … these Asics aren’t doing the trick.

Firstly, I had to go up a half a size. I didn’t have my cookies with me, but I just knew that the 11 would be too tight. I used the indoor track at the Englewood Rec to give them a stable place to play and they just felt heavy and a bit clunky. This is really interesting because the Bandito is 7.9 ounces whereas the Racer ST4 is 8.9 ounces. It could just be because I’m used to the ST’s sole.

The toe box of the shoe was fine. I like having a little extra room in the toe and sides because my feet tend to swell. The problem area was the heel. I’ve got an extremely narrow heel. The issue with the Pearli Zumas was that my right heel was moving around so much that I gave myself a blister. With the Bandito, I nearly stepped right out of them. Darla sent me and it was  helpful, but there was also the issue of buckling up at the top of the laces that potentially cut in to the toes. I’ll give them a second chance in my living room.

So – it is looking like Saucony Fasttwitch 3 for track and seeing how they handle the longer distances. They’re lower in the heel a smidge and only 7.3 ounces.




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6 08 2009

The search for the right pair of racing shoes is always a challenge!
I am lucky in that I don’t have any pronation issues… love the Brooks ST5, except for the fact they were not good over half marathon distance for me, and the outsoles wore out pretty quickly.

7 08 2009

Hola Chica –
I gave the Banditos one more try and it was a fight to the end. I’ve been using the Racer ST’s for the past year or so. I think I get maybe 300+ miles on them. I’ve never really checked – but am now as Dok has me thinking about mileage and what I do to shoes.
Was talking with him at my last appointment and we both agreed that if I didn’t have the ortodics in, I probably would be OK with the ultra-stiff pronation support.
So – it’s the FastTwitch for light shoes and the Brooks for the distance. I simply have to get my feet & legs stronger …
So the shoe fussing was a really good educational thing for me … now if Sauccony and/or Brooks would just start sending me size 11 men’s, I’d be a happy waddler!
Have fun in Rachael!

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