ET meets Racewalkers …

7 08 2009

Friends are doing the ET Midnight Madness race out in Rachael, Nevada this weekend. Yes – right outside of Area 51, the infamous black mailbox and the wacky Little A’Le’Inn … In fact, I think all are graduates of at least one of Dave’s World Class Racewalking clinics … Is there a connection here???

I contemplated putting it on my schedule, but I keep remembering that one year I did what was to be a Century Ride out there and I seriously buggared it up by missing the poorly marked Century turn around. It was daytime, windy and snakes on the roadway. After the race was over, I was being driven back to the SF Bay Area by a buddy of mine – turn and burn. I must have been pretty beaten up by the ride – especially going nearly double the distance I thought I was going with my then-trademark limited training. My bud said driving me back was a trip. I was hallucinating – thinking I was seeing hitchhikers along the road while staring into the blackness out the window.

Lizzy: “Stop Billy – they’re out here in the middle of nowhere, shouldn’t we pick them up.” …

Billy: “Gigsi … there’s no-one out there …” even after we’d stopped and I commented something like “Oh – they must have gotten a ride with someone else …” I think the next weekend was the America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride which I finished after nearly being taken out by RV’s not liking to share the road with cyclists. I think that was my last long bike race, actually. Hum.

So if that happened to me during the daylight, heaven only knows whereI’d end up if I did it at night! Probably on my buddy Shakey’s doorstep in Reno “Hi Shakey! I took a wrong turn someplace out in Rachael … any chance I could take a shower and a nap?”  I’ve also got enough strange stuff on my schedule, that I don’t want Da Coach glaring any more at me than he already does … I already get the feeling that as soon as my leg is back 100% and form at least decent my proportion of judged racewalks to walking-in-running-races/silly-stuff-like-Gorilla-Run will be shifting … it’s good for me … I know!

I wish Brandon, Maryann, Rachael, Steve and their buds luck with their races!  Good Luck Gang!!! Keep it healthy and keep care of one another … and maybe it’s not a good idea to pick up hitchhikers out there … real or imaginary!




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12 08 2009

So, did your friends have any hallucinations? Funny you mention having them when you were out there in Area 51. My friend and I were seperated by about 3 miles on the course and had identical hallucinations… Thank goodness all we had to do to get back to civilization was get on a bus after eating breakfast at the Little A’lien Inn.
I never did meet Steve, Rachel and Brandon :-(, I would have liked to.

12 08 2009

Nah – it was just me nearly 12 years ago now! I was just a smidge dehydrated and underfed!

Bummed you didn’t get to meet The Trio … They do exist … well … I think they do!

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