Lizzy is Doin’ Vegas W/Team Challenge … But some money where my feet are!

8 08 2009

Hey Folks –

As we all know, I believe in counteracting my faults with doing good. In 2008, I barely thought I could complete a marathon because I was in intestinal distress for the previous 4 days. I finished it and thought about those who deal with intestinal/bowel issues in their every day lives. After nearly a year of researching, I’ve decided to toss my feet into action for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s Team Challenge.

Whenever I’m looking in to a fundraiser, I look at a lot of things. When your friend with colitis happens to also be the Long Island walk coach for the team … it carries a lot of weight.  The fact that the donations from folks are 100% tax deductible and 83 cents of every dollar goes directly toward research and patient/family support doesn’t hurt.

Team Challenge is a small team at this point. Bright orange is definitely not my color, but what the heck. I like the team name!

I also found out they were going to the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon on December 6th and thought it might be fun. I’m there to walk, not play … but if I’ve got friends around, it might make it more interesting.

What’s in it for you: a Tax Deduction of any amount, knowing you’re helping others, and helping out my fundraising efforts.

What’s in in it for your time crunched blogger who wants to make the world a better place: new friends, helping others, learning about how people push through their chronic disease, and going on December 6th to the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

But fundraising is still fundraising. I’ve got to do it. My page has probably too much information on it – as usual! There’s a clickable header if you want to know more about Team Challenge.

Team Challenge has some really affordable business/corporate sponsorship levels also … with benefits including an engraved award for your office, corporate logo on all all apparel for Team members, coaching staff, and Team Challenge Staff including training singlets, event t-shirts, and race day singlets. The entry here is $1,000. Drop me a private note and I’ll tell you more.

I’ll also be happy to accept checks/money orders … drop me an e-mail and I’ll send the address.

So – the upshot is this … I’ve got a fundraising goal of $3,000 that I’d like to blow the top off of. I know we all have a lot of other things to do, but this is part of giving back. Anything helps. I’d like to get this goal slammed by October

Thanks again –




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