Google Calendar and Start of Next Part of Year

17 08 2009

I finally got the Google calendar together. It’s private, of course, but is separated into the areas of my life which are most important. Since I spend more time around a computer than my home base station or handwritten calendar, it makes my life easier.

After last weekend’s race, I knew that some of the off-loading things I’ve been doing is right. I’ve been looking at what I’ve been making time for …. and not … and kn0w where I need to make the changes. Those chats with Lisa a couple of weeks ago about other things really got me thinking in a great way because they resonnated with what I was already thinking … just backed me up.

What I’m sure most people get is that I admit that I’m a work-in-progress, so I have come to accept and, actually, embrace making mistakes. When designing how I wanted the on-line calendar to be separated out, I saw how I wanted to direct myself. I took a look at the friends and activities which I wanted to make time for. It was interesting how I categorized people and things. What I found to be more of interest is how people categorize me … and how tightly they define the box. That’s a huge mistake on a variety of levels because I tend to change things not exactly rapidly, but I do change as I learn new things about myself and others. It happens.  If you tightly define, you lose the opportunities offered by surprises.

I’m not explaining this well at all, but does it really matter?

When it comes down to it, I’m streamlining … and pretty happy about it.

See you on the road.




4 responses

19 08 2009

Woo Hoo!

31 08 2009

Yeah – actually it’s starting to work pretty well. I use both a laptop and a base station and I’m starting to like having everything on the on-line calendar. Just need to get the thing finished and have it yell “YO DIZZY … DIS BE DA TRACK CALLIN’ YOUR NAME!!!”

9 05 2010

I’m reading backwards :-). I started reading forwards earlier, and then closed the window, and now I am reading backwards haha.

I loooooove Google Calendar! I have mine set so it syncs with my iPod touch and my iPod touch syncs with the online calendar. Looooove it!

9 05 2010

I am getting it all together. It is taking time, but I an an oldster!

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