Schedule Setting

20 08 2009

It’s truly been an interesting week. It started out a bit difficult and my 16 mile training walk turned into a long walk to clear out the nonsense. It happens. Although I want to fly as much as possible in my races, I’m still a bit clunky so I’m working to smooth out that and everything else.

First week through classes was really good. Actually, it reminded me of when I was going to SRJC when classes really felt like they were thought out and the professors truly jazzed by interacting and learning, not some self-serving one way monologue. I’m interested and potentially meeting really good mentors and such. It’ll be interesting because I’ve got a lot of things I need to get done this semester.

I made most of my travel arrangements because Southwest is having a really good sale at this point. I also made my arrangements for San Jose. I really needed to get this handled because I truly *do* have a lot of things I need to keep in line. I’ve not made the Fresno arrangements yet … will probably get that done next week. I had to get these done so I can notify the TA or professors of the days I’m out of town.

In an effort to be able to really carve out my training time, I paid attention to how my academic schedule works … or doesn’t! When I got my 2 week schedule from Dave, I was dismayed that it was appearing I would be off M/Tu/W mainly because of my school schedule and the fact that my Tuesday would potentially be on cement. Because my training is important to my all around health, I realized that if I get out of class on time on Wednesday, I can dive to a track on the way home. Although I want to take the train more because of the ecological aspect and the fact that it won’t cost me $4.50 – $5.50/day for covered parking … not including wear and tear on the car. I have a chunk of time between work and my Tuesday class, but it’s better to use that time in the campus weight room or swimming vs. potentially hurting myself. I’m probably driving DMcG nuts with my ever-changing schedule, but once it’s nailed down, it’s going to be nailed down until December.

Although there are a few hinks that are going to have to be worked out, I think I’ve got the blocks in place. I would really like to be able to get comfortable with training even when I’m tired. I also don’t train well in the evening, so I’m pushing myself to do it!





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