Bouncing Back

31 08 2009

A lot of things have been swirling in the pot of my brain. After volunteering at what was among the most … well, let’s just be polite and say that my thoughts of staying away from certain races are best heeded from both a participant and volunteer standpoint … I stood up straight and realized that I’m on the right path … whether or not friends really understand or accept it.

A potentially nightmarish situation has the potential of turning into a good friendship. The positive is that with all the drama abatement I’ve been doing and lessons I’ve learned, I was smart enough to keep my self protection intact when dealing with what has turned out to be another “genuine playing” scam artist. If it wasn’t for a name from my long ago past whom I have a feeling will turn in to a very safe and accepting friend, I wouldn’t have been alerted to this. I thank the man who will be known in this blog, as he shows up, as “Painted Lab”. Nice to add genuine people to Team Shep … and off-load the drama.

As we head in to September, I’ve got a lot of things on my plate, but the biggest is drama abatement. So, RacerX and your pseudonyms, I’m sorry but your wish for “more Lizzy drama” is going to go unheeded. Drama comes from not dealing with stuff. I do get frustraited and I express it – but it is those people who want to live under those wraps or control others using their frailties that I’ve got no time for.

I got to the Englewood Rec Center a smidge late. I talked with Mike Mc about getting his training back in line and about a few other things very personal to me. On the indoor track, things were pretty good. I remembered to do my warm up and am spending a lot of time paying attention to my feet – how they roll and exactly what is hitting when. Yeah, breaking it down because I think the orthotics are at the right height. I really don’t have the time to mess around as the race is in 6 days and I’ve got a crapload of homework to get done by then.

What I noticed during the quiet of the last Sunday before the center closes for a week is that my left foot is still slapping. Weak Shinned Lizzy. Just have to work on that. I’m not really using my body to my own advantage, and I’ve got to work on that.

My mind is still crowded with the outside-of-walking things I’ve got to get accomplished. I’m coming up with ways to deal with this somewhat for the book – but before I write it out for that, I’ve got to try it out on myself.

The best thing in my cursory e-conversation with the Painted Lab was that I felt the crushing chest pain that I associate with either panic/anxiety attacks or something really wrong in my world that I can’t figure out … lifted. Very cool. Great timing. With any luck, I can keep it lifted for a very long time! Before the Painted Lab (who I don’t think even knows this blog exists) gets a swelled head, it was just timing! It’s just nice to get the feeling that he’s a no-strings-attached-just-keep-it-real-and-keep-on-truckin’ sort of person. YEAHHHH!!!!!

So, I’ve got a lot of schoolwork to get done before I leave and while I’m gone. Training is going to be a bit hard, but when I get back from Virginia Beach, I have a feeling that my priorities will be more at hand.

I still wouldn’t mind a house elf who wouldn’t mind doing all the housework etc …




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