End of the August already!

31 08 2009

Before you get your knickers in a twist, I know it’s August which is ending and not April!

It’s truly been one of those clean out Augusts. I was hoping to go back to World Class Racewalking Camp, but funds and injury are prohibiting that this year. I’m thinking that’s OK. I can start saving and use it as a reward (albeit a rather sick, demented and twisted one) for striving toward and completing some of my goals.

When the month started, I truly had no clue that it would end the way that it has. I would have thought that I would have gotten more stable with my mileage and time in the weight room, but it’s a beginning. I’ve learned some very disturbing things about people I thought I could trust in my world and have, in a couple of cases, accepted the knowledge by altering how I deal with the people. In a particularly troubling one, the jury is, sadly, out.

I think we might finally have the orthotics where they should be. I’m now making it a point to spend extra time at the Englewood Recreation Center’s indoor track just listening and feeling my feet. Drills are easier for me to do inside because I can hear what I’m doing. I’m also working on my balance. Hydration and water bottles are easier to deal with there also. Since 2010 has the goal of first actually completinga judged race in it, I am working at getting over my boredom and antsy brain with respect to going around and around in circles. I have to pay attention and count 6.5 laps to the mile and I’ve biffed it a few times. Forces me to concentrate … and we know concentration hasn’t been terrific all the time. I’m also working with using the Polar RS200 heart rate monitor watch. I want to stop the temptation of depending on checking the pacing on the Garmin 205/305. I’ve got a brain in my head, I can figure it out!

I found a couple new paths that might be good outside, but learned that humidity even here at altitude and I are not very good friends. I wondered why I could handle Disney with Florida’s nasty humidity in January … it’s the fact that I can dump water across my back and am definately hydrating myself every couple of miles. I didn’t think about it, but the sponges at around mile 15 really do save me. I’ll have to figure out how to carry one further along into the race!

Bailey has been perfect in so many ways, I’m really blessed. She’s put up with a disaster of a house and me just being a bit off. She always has a problem when my schedule changes, and I’m back having a night class without Gina living downstairs to let her out.  Goal for next month is to get her out on more walks. She needs them as she’s getting quite bored … and that’s not a good thing!!!

Work is as work does. School is the priority. I really do enjoy a lot of what I do and I know my fellow students really appreciate it. I’m slowly getting my things together. Courses are tough and I’m feeling like I’m in perpetual catch up because I don’t have the background in Feminism nor the philosophical aspects of Film Theory – but the stretch will prove to be good.

Most important to me is my getting my training back on track. I’ve got no problem with using the Nathan water pack as long as I really clean it out. I’m looking at getting back in the weight room the minute it opens and continuing with the Pilate’s Allegro class. Yoga classes are something I really want to add, but it’s finances that will be problematic. With my knee mending, I’m paying more attention to my feet and how everything comes together. Now I’ve just got to get the nutrition in line and I’ll be ready to fly in 2010.

Overall, it’s been a pretty good August … which is the gateway to the Fall … and headding head first into my “busy season”. 




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