2010 …. WHEEEEEE!!!!

4 01 2010



Mike Mc & Lizzy - 5 p.m. and freezing!


 New decade … New resolutions …   

I’ll figure that out later.  


Resolution Run 5K: 

6p – 12/31/09 

2009 was a rough year for a lot of us, but the door is now closed on it.  How I closed the door was doing the Resolution Run with my dear bud Mike McB.  I’ve not seen Mike much this year, so we decided to do this race together.  It is only a couple of week before Disney, and after 2009 injuries, I didn’t want to risk slipping in the ice around Washington Park.  Mike wanted to get the dark, icy, and cold 5k done in 1:00:00 … yeah an HOUR.  Try again!  I probably would have frozen!    

 I was trying out some new warm weather pants I picked up at the Performance bike shop … review will come soon.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn so many layers: heavy jog bra, “find your happy pace” race shirt, two Disney long-sleeved race shirts, zipper shirt, AND jacket!!  

.  I came up with an idea to keep him from leaning over on the side where he’s toting from … he has to build it!  was requredMike slipped slightly at the beginning and we think his air became disconnected when we were in a knot of people.  Mike toted his air on what looks like a modified luggage cart.  Only one cannister


All Done ... Slightly Frozen!


I started out with a local film camera trained on my rear end!!! My “shorts” say “Life Energy Intelligence”.  I  cheered  on those around us.  Only the first 100 people are timed, so if you are slower than a 7:35 minute mile … you better make your  own  fun!!We got across the icy mess of a  finish line in 00:52:34.   Mike did great!!! 


I will keep up with my posts …. promise … but my laptop keyboard is driving me nuts! Next Race: Walt Disney World Goofy!  




2 responses

19 01 2010

You guys make a lovely couple!

19 01 2010

HA! We would have bundled you up as the snowman!!! I’ve got tinsel and lights waiting for you!!!

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