Because McB says this is one of the best descriptions of me …

6 01 2010

There you go … I never mentioned that I was helping out at the Denver Merrython.  My buddy Scott was running in order to qualify for Boston (which he did) and other friends from the Rocky Mountain Road Runners were in the race.  Also in the race was another buddy … Scott … ok … one of these days I’ll figure out how many duplicate names I know … was running wearing his Team Challenge Coach singlet … so I got the priviledge to cheer on probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the opportunity to make pals with.

When I was limping in for a landing with the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, Coach Scott was right there chatting me in … and reminding me to take TIME OFF LIZZY before Disney.  Of course, when I saw him I smiled and said “Hi ya Coach!  So … how was your marathon?”  Yeah … he’d run the marathon while I was doing the 1/2!  It took Linda and me over an hour to get to the line, so I’m not quite as freaked out by Coach Scott getting in before me … but he was recovered and cheering …. yeah … the sign of  an awesome coach … and what I try to do for my friends …

Cheers – Dizzy

Postscript: I’m typing this while listening to the morning news.  It appears that the best way for women to stay thin is to remain single.  I had a discussion with my growing backside and said “Ok – we’re single … so it’s time to get us out training properly!”




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