Dog Poop & Lint Screens!

19 01 2010

There are things that get us all.  As a dog owner and person who likes clean clothes, apartment life can be a little odd.  Everyone has their own opinion on what is ok.

At the dog park at Chatfield, this gal with a German Shepherd ignored another gal whose dogs Miss Boo actually had been playing with.  The thing the gal was yelling “Hey – Miss! Do you need a bag?” It was to clean up the steaming piles of poop that her pup was depositing right along the edge of the asphalt walkway; a walkway I use when I’m multi-tasking : getting Miss Bailey Boo to the park and doing 100 to 200 meter repeats.  I had spares and watched her dogs while the gal went to pick up the poop in a nice bag … and deposit it on the hood of offending owner’s car.  Personally, I think a spendy Acura SUV thingie looks great with a line of poopie bags on it if you’re expecting others to deal with it. 

Yes – I typed the word line.   Appears her dog had pooped in front of other people and they’d done the same thing.

This morning, I was doing the last of my laundry.  I was waddling down to the laundry room with Miss Boo for her morning constitutional.  I have bags in my pocket (In fact, when changed jackets to get my coffee and dinner when I was staying at the 101 Dalmatians part of the All Star Movies resort, I found a dog bag in my pocket!).  Bailey does her business, I get it right away or I go home, grab a bag, and deal with it. 

This morning, I cleaned up after at least five dogs.  What the heck – I was going to toss Bae’s deposit and these were old.  I figure I’m in the good books of the Poop Clean Karma Gods for those days I can’t get to hers.

Feeling pretty good, I went in to move the last 2 loads of laundry.  When I went in, the previous person must have been born in a barn! Anyway, I popped my loads into two driers and looked at the lint screen.  Could have made pillows out of how much lint was in there!!! How hard is it to pull your dry laundry out, clean out the screen, and be on your way?  I guess rather difficult!

I may never have passed regular physics (ok, they wouldn’t let me register, but my buddies said I had the brains for it since they would explain what they were doing and I’d pick it up) … but Laundry Room 101 I can handle!

People – Please!

  • If you don’t want to clean up your dog poop, get a stuffed animal.  Some people say get a cat, but you’d have to clean the box and carry the litter to the dumpster.  Don’t start talking about the toss-in-the-toilet litter to a life-long cat person who has had to deal with clearing ancient pipes!!!
  • If you don’t think you can stoop low enough to clear out your lint screens, go to a huge laundry mat or pay someone to do it for you!

Off soap box … good think I have socks on so I don’t get splinters in my dainty toes!



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