…. school’s back in ….

21 01 2010


Ok – I just had to get poo off my homepage!    

School’s back in session.  Looks pretty interesting.  Was going to take some swimming sessions they were offering, but it’s completely full.  

Like a geek, I’m all giddy about a DVD that was sent to me by Mike Mc.  It’s on water training.  Yeah, gets me all gushy inside.  

This term, I’ve got Advanced Public Relations and a proper course in Grant writing.  There isn’t anything on this campus being offered in my chosen realms of history of popular culture.  Trying to go to Boulder isn’t a reality due to the fact they’re impacted up there also.  Also, it would cause problems with my training … well maybe not because there is the Boulder track etc.  The couple hour bus ride, however, is for the birds.  


I’ve got a lot of things I’m thinking about these days.  Options appear to be opening and that’s an amazing thing.  I’ve truly lucked out that I’ve found some amazing people through my racewalking … and life too … who are immensely helpful as sounding boards.  

It is interesting, however, that some things I’ve had in completely unrelated classes will come in to play this term.  That does make me happy.  


Anyway – it’s School Girl Time!  





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