Saturday @ DIA: This is REAL!

5 05 2010

It has been a week.  I went to a lecture by Dr. Pam Laird about the myth of the self-made man and there was Dr. Mark Foster.  Two for one!  Mark is a buddy of mine and mentor history instructor.  He also plays 1864 reenactment baseball.  I love the guy!  Turns out he qualified for Boston 2x when he was running and was injured both times.  I will be out there for my bud!

 I really love my friends.  The amount of Bailey Sitting and lifts at all sorts of strange hours to the airport makes them all worth their weight in gold.  I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve them.  Whatever I did, I’m psyched I did!  Mike Mc’s “Girlfriend you’re worth it!!” just floats through my brain.  I’m looking at all these skinny folks getting on the direct flight from Denver to Boston.  It’s going to be a long flight. I am hoping to get a little sleep on the plane. 

I have my race bag with me, but not the 1 ton of books I normally carry.  That’s something to change.  Bring a free reading book and journal to races, Lizzy, because you’re not going to get the copious piles of homework done no matter what good intentions you’ve got going!  I’m having problems with my camera batteries.  Blasted rechargers aren’t recharging. I might have to replace them.  Quite a bummer because I am hoping to take tons of photos this weekend. 

Mike and I didn’t really talk about what he’s like to “live with.”  What I mean is he is on oxygen 24/7 and sometimes those machines are loud.  I downloaded a nature sound application for my I-Thingie.  I hope it works if it is loud.  I wonder just how he deals with getting the Jalopy about.  I guess I didn’t ask any questions.  All I know is that I’m going to the Boston Marathon – the land of Dunkin’ Donuts and Fenway – with two buds.  I am hoping to see some Sheps while I’m out there.  There are a bunch of Rocky Mountain Road Runners who qualified including The Eagle, Jellybean & Q.  I don’t expect we’ll run in to one another.  It would be cool if they were able to go back to the finish and cheer my guys in.  I hope we see one another on the course.  In the case of getting around, knowing me, I should have the subway system down fairly quickly.

The strange thing is that the race is on Monday.  What’s up with that??  Mike said we start an hour before the rest of the folks, but Monday?! Kind of strange.  Well, maybe not, because the Bolder Boulder is on a Monday too.  BUT the BB screws me up every year because of it!  Boston is on the original Patriot’s Day. 

I wonder what is going to be different about this race for me.  I’m not going at my speed, but that of others.  I’ll be wearing my Fasttwitches because I’m still on the hunt for a second pair of shoes.  I so love my Brooks, but the cost and it is hard to find an 11 many times away from expos.  I know I’ve wanted to do this race since I was a kid, but I wonder if it is diminished because I am just a guide?  I know there are people out there who switch off guides mid-way so they’re motoring along with a fresh one.  I hope My Guys are cool with just me.  I thought they might have others, but it is just me and a couple of spotters on bikes provided by the Boston Athletic Association.

As I handwrite this out (to be transcribed into my blog then potentially distilled into articles), I am trying to fast charge all the electronics.  What a pain!

 I can’t remember if I tossed an inhaler in my bag.  I could check it, or I could go and get a Dazbog coffee and pace around the Concourse C!  I’m opting for pacing.  I’m sure Steve will have enough drugs for the both of us!

Ta! I’ve got coffee to chase down!

(oh – if you’re wondering what I’ve gotten myself in to this time: )




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