Starting to sink in that I’m going to Boston

5 05 2010

There really is an odd mystique about the Boston Marathon.  In my case, when I was introduced to running at Del Mar Middle School in Tiburon, by an amazing coach and mentor Linda Lou Knowles, I wanted to do two races: The Boston Marathon and The New York City Marathon.  Why would a fat kid on the West Coast want to do primarily East Coast races? I have no clue! I know by the time I read Jim Fixx’ book of running, I wanted to do longer and longer distances.  The problem I had was that I didn’t really like training!  Never really have!

Someone, someplace along the line, told me that I would never be able to qualify for the Two Majors, and I stowed that dream in a cupboard in the far corner of my mind.  A lot of things got stored in that cupboard that I’ve been dusting off and realize that they are what are truly my dreams and interests. 

When Mike Mc. asked me if I wanted to be a guide for himself and Steve Gaudet, I thought I was dreaming.  I had been going through a rough patch with a lot of things in my life and it was time for the dam to give way and the water flow; clearing out the crap and burying that which deserved to be drown!  I know he made my travel arrangements, but I didn’t believe it was true until I got an e-mail to the guides that was “I need your applications now.” Oh crap! It was happening … really happening.  I’m going to the Boston Marathon.

It really isn’t my Boston.  I’m there to get my friends across and be a little comic relief probably.  There still is no denying it, however, I’m going to be in that town, at that start line, and get as close to the finish as possible. 

My A priority is the health of My Boys.  I love Steve and Mike.  They have their personalities and I think they trust me.  Neither are “allowed” to go stoic on me.  Mike knows I want to know exactly what is going on and Steve is just going to have to learn.  I would far prefer to not finish and have both guys intact than to finish and have Steve make a return engagement with the pokey (what he calls the hosiboo … or hospital to you “normal” folks). 


I’m going to Bosstoonn!!!

I have a week full of crap that I have to take care of here in Denver.  I’m making some radical changes with school and my direction.  I’m ecstatic about it.  It is like Boston is helping me close one door and really open up another.  Those dreams that I had in the dusty cupboard are not only seeing the light of day, but being put into a place of prominence.  I was thinking on the train going down to the Auraria Campus how I said at Dave’s camp in Florida that I wanted to go to Boston.  It’s a runner’s race, but whatever.  I was hurting pretty badly and didn’t know what was going on.  My buddy Faith voiced how she was going to do Boston no matter what.  It is that mystique.  Kind of funny that I am the one who is going … even thought I won’t get a medal for my efforts.

Bailey isn’t thrilled.  I told her that I would be seeing some Shep cousins and would come back in one piece.  She’s skeptical.  Not much I can do. 

Bae-Bae … Mama’s going to BOOOSSSSSSTTTTOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!

(Cut from Journal: It is funny.  As I am finding the pictures for this, I discovered Del Mar Middle School’s mascot is now a dragon where we were the pirates before.  And the pirate was pretty scary looking and dense.  I like the Dragon better. I have a thing for dragons. Saw How To Train Your Dragon and really want a Toothless.  But I digress.   Then there’s the Emerald City.  I don’t know which of the Oz characters I am.  I’m a bit of each, but since I’m the girl on the team, I guess I’m Dorothy!)




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