Well Since STEVE has been kicking me to do this …

5 05 2010

Yes, Steve G … my seriously asthmatic buddy who got my ever-loving tush across the finish line in Boston is on me again to get back to my blog. 

It has been an interesting year, 2010 has.  I have been spending the last month or so coming to grips with all the stuff that I’ve let slide putting other “emergencies” ahead of what I want to do for me and my future.  It happens, I guess.

I’ve not been training well.  When something bothers me, I really get derailed.  I don’t mean to, it just happens.  I have a habit of putting my all in to things and, well, I get used up that way.

I started reading The Athlete’s Way http://www.theathletesway.com/resources/ and it has been extremely helpful. I like this title better than the more “socially correct” one that I have on my couch.  I sweat a lot and it is a strange bliss I feel. Of course, I look quite the wreck, but whatever!  Love me, love my dog and deal with me sweating!  It would be cool to dust off another of those dreams in that back cupboard and do the New York City Marathon and meet Christopher Bergland.  I like what I’m reading.  I don’t much like what I’m seeing in the food journal, however I am psyched that I’m already making some better choices because I’ve got to write them down in both the I-Thingie and my computer version of the journal.  Gee and Gak Bergland!

I also haven’t had my laptop since around February.  I know that is just a cop-out because I have this base-station computer, but I tend to like to write this blog while staring over the balcony and it’s a pain to drag this computer all the way outside.

Enough!  I’ll do a smidge here and there and get caught up.  I want to try to do it chronologically.

OI! We wonder why I don’t update from the base-station?! Just froze, but fortunately I had the draft set up!

Loads to do.  And yes the Boston Marathon entries are going to happen over the weekend!




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