Nothing’s going to be the same again …

7 05 2010

(Journal 7)  One of the things said about finishing something like The Boston Marathon is that you’re never reall the same afterward.  I remember finishing my first Marathon and talking with Eriq (“Is this Auntie Marathonner?!”) and then Mom (“Now that you’ve done it, you’re not doing it again, are you?”)  I wasn’t the same.  I was a bit different.  I walked a freaking marathon.  I did it. On my own. 

This is quite different to me.  I am here to help my friends and just be there for them.  They both know this is a huge dream of mine, but it means more to be there with friends I really care about.  I’m thinking that is the story of 2010.  It started with meeting my Key West buddy Melissa and getting her through her race, then having Twin help me through the Shamamrock 1/2 only to turn around and help out Hartley.  When I transcribe this into the blog, I’ll have to see if I’ve actually written about those experiences.  I’ve got to catch up at some point. 

Unlike what that snotty woman thought, I’m out there for the duration.  I know it will be in excess of 7 hours.  Not sure by how much, but I know the Boys have to be finished in no more than 7:45.  The cut off for everyone is 6:45, but we start an hour earlier. 

I am not going to wait to have fun out there.  We’re going to see everything – the wheelchair elites, the handcranks, the able-bodied elites, then the pack.  I wonder if we’ll see any of my buds from the Rocky Mountain Road Runners.  They know I’m out there.  They also know why I’m there.  I would love to be strong enough to qualify, but maybe in a couple of years.  I’m OK with that.

I missed the Team Dinner because I had to go back and pick up my glasses after having lunch with my cousin Robin and her friends stranded in America from England.  (I will post photos when she posts them).  The Lenscrafters was literally across from the finish line.  I got crappy directions from the attendant in the subway.  For the first time, I was really peeved.  I didn’t want to miss the dinner, but I know that Mike Mc is very punctual.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the energy stores if I just ate what I brought, but I was going to have to make it work.  I’ve lived on Pure Fit bars before, but not as complete fueling for a very long marathon. 

I came up for air and there was the finish line.  I wondered just how different I was going to be just being in this race, and if two or all three of us finished, just how was that going to change me?  This is the first time I’ll have “coached” a race.   I’m so hyper competitive that I’ve shied away from coaching, but I do it anyway in nearly every race I am in!   Maybe this is kind of a door-opener.  Choose races to help people through and choose races to slam out race. 

When I was leaving Denver, I realized that this Boston Marathon means more to me than I thought.  I’m not in it as a competitor per se, but as a friend.  It is the fulfillment of a 33 year old dream.  As I’ve written before, it is a dream that I’m doing with friends because I can’t do everything alone.  It takes a team to really make it work.  Everything is different now.  I have some messes to clear up, but I can write on my resume that I coached two amazing athletes through the Boston Marathon. 

When I helped Hartley in Virginia Beach, I knew I was doing the right thing.  I was there for whatever he needed and he was going to get across the line under as much of his own power as possible.  I know when Twin and Steve helped me across the line, I had gone as far as I could and although I couldn’t stand, my feet were still moving.  Tomorrow, I’m going to be there for my guys.  The three of us are the front side of Team Wheezy.  I want them to be smart and stop if they have to, but until they do, this protective dragon is going to do everything to keep them happy and motoring forward.

Nothing is going to be the same after this!  And I’m psyched about it!

I’ve got to find the Wonderland line and get back home. 




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