On being a GUIDE! (still in DIA)

7 05 2010

(Journal Entry 2)

What an arrogant person I just had to deal with! “Oh a guide so you’re not really doing the race like we are.”  Shut the front door!!!  “Yes Ma’am.” I replied with a psychic thought to my buddies running with Rocky Mountain Road Runners of “Boys – pass this chick!” Heck, I want my boys to pass this chick. 

Hum … me … competitive.  Time for another cup of coffee!

There was something telling me that it was going to be an interesting wait.  At the TSA security spot, I slipped into the Black Diamond Expert Traveller lane – you know, the one for folks who have a slim clue as to what they’re doing and no kids.  I don’t have anything against kids for the most part, but there is a lot of stuff that comes along with them.  A family with 6 (SIX) kids just breezed past the double black diamond sign and botched up the lane.  I just smiled.  I had time.  It wasn’t like when I was going to Virginia Beach and barely made my flight after over an hour waiting in the shortest TSA lines.
I’ve been spending about 1/2 my life on Concourse C – where Southwest flies in and out of.  It is really bad when the gal at the “candy counter” is already packing 1/2 pound of raw almonds for me.  Sigh. 
The big thing for me was to start charging everything.  I’m really quite upset that my batteries for my little Nikon credit card sized digital camera haven’t been charging.  I want to shoot everything this weekend.  I’ve got cousins I’ve not seen in forever, “nephews and a niece” (I hate the term 2nd cousin) that I’ve not met, and this is, probably, a once-in-a-lifetime thing.  I carry an interesting grounded travel plug to take care of my watches, and the like.  I’ve also used it when stuck at SFO with my (perpetually) late flight getting back to Denver to share the outlet on the seats with
other tech-junkies.  Two USB ports and three grounded slots.  Works well, unless you’ve got this bulky battery charger thing that takes up most of the space.  Whatever.  I was able to get the telephone and I-thingie charged up and it is anyone’s guess on the camera battery. 
Steve wants me to Tweet while we’re walking and update the Facebook.  Rocky Mountain Road Runners has asked the same.  I’ll do my level best for as long as I can.  I have to remember to turn off the push notifications on my phone before we take off.  That spendy phone plan might come in handy!
NOW on being a GUIDE:
This woman’s arrogant comment really got me.  I am going to be out there for the entire race, CHICK! I’m also there for two friends of mine who seem to enjoy proving doctors wrong.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like helping them with their doctor-defying antics!  Truth be told, however, both the Boys are, well, uh, statistical anomalies because they not only get out there and do things but are doing it properly.  They do train, work hard, and are athletes like everyone else.  The last thing they want is anyone feeling “sorry” for them.  Screw that!
My role as a guide is to be out there and assist.  Mike mentioned that he wants to chase me, so I have to stay within the 2 foot radius of him.  I don’t know if that is going to be possible.  He usually is crabby from the Bolder Boulder when people are knocking about his cart tire.  I’m thinking that I’m going to be placing myself at the widest part of the cart so that the throng of runners have a clue as to where he is.  For Steve, I’m more a sherpa than anything.  I’ll carry what I can of his stuff and keep him bopping along.  I might need him to help keep me hydrated because I have a feeling I’ll be on the outside during water stops. 
I did say I had to stay within a 2-foot radius of my “charge”.  I also am not allowed to help either of them by touching them in any way.  What I mean by that is that I’m not allowed to push, pull, or carry them.  They have to be motoring along under their own power.  I (and the bike spotter) am there to Guide them to the finish line and be a liason when necessary.  Blind runners have their guide on the side tethered by the wrist. Amputees have a guide nearby so if they start to tip, they have someone to safely fall back on. Lung Challenged Athletes: They have me carrying whatever they can’t and keeping them going. 
The other thing is this: if both guys have to pull out, I won’t be finishing the race.  I’m there for them.  Anyone who knows me, knows I take responsibilities very seriously and with these two, I’m hoping I’m not going to have to get bossy and make them be smart and stop.  Mike knows he’s not trained properly and Steve has already said that he’s going to be happy if he gets to mile 21.  I’m just tickled to be going to this thing and if we’re out there for 7.5 hours, no problem! I want both my guys across without incident, but one is fine too. No incident and no finishing is an option here, but I know both these guys – that is a last resort!
So, yeah Lady, I’ll just be walking as just a Guide, but I’m damn proud of it. 
Time to pack up – the Snotty Potty chick is in group C.  If you don’t fly Southwest, you don’t know that group C is the last boarding group.  Mike paid the extra $10 to have me pre-boarded so I don’t have to call in 24 hours in advance.  I’ll be the 3rd person on this flight.  Her male companion just stopped by as I was unhooking all my stuff.  He said she was pretty snotty and that he thought it was admirable what I was doing.  Admirable?! Um – well it is a dream come true and I didn’t have to fundraise! Whee! He seems like a good guy and doesn’t deserve her.  He let me know that she isn’t running the race, but he is. Interesting.  He asked if the team had a name:
“Yeah – Team Wheezy! Mike has CoPD, Steve has Brittle Asthma, and I am a run-of-the-mill stress/excercise induced Asthmatic.”  The guy laughed.  “I like it! I’ll look for you guys!”
Team Wheezy … okey dokey … the things I come up with on the spur of the moment!
(Wheezy, if you don’t remember, is the name of the Penguin in Toy Story! No I didn’t remember that until I was trying to find a fun picture for this post!)



3 responses

7 05 2010

LOVE the wheezy picture ;-).
Also LOVING the journal entries. Keep ’em up!!

7 05 2010

Thanks Kerri! I’m trying to get caught up! I laughed with the Wheezy! I’ll get to the race someday, hu?! Feel free to read some of the back posts. You might find them interesting.

7 05 2010

Sweet up, will do! 🙂
Have a great weekend!

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