On the Plane

7 05 2010

(Journal 3)

I am in my seat, buckled in and ready to go. LOAD ALL READY!  I actually took a window seat because I know this is a full flight.  I can only hope that the seats next to me aren’t filled by aromatic folks or Snotty Potty and Mr. Nice! I’ve got a lot of reading to do and want to just spend this long flight figuring out what it is that I am doing.  Mike isn’t a morning person and Steve will be staying in his own room.

Many things we’ve really not talked about.  How do I get help for these guys when we’re between stops.  I think one of the bike spotters will be able to ride ahead for anything we need.  I really should have re-upped my first aid before I left!  I wonder what to do with Steve if he can’t breathe.  I am not going to lie.  It’ll kill me if they die or end up in a hospital on my watch.  I know it won’t be my fault, per se, but I would feel terrible!  I felt really protective when Steve had trouble during the relay race at the Tiburon Clinic.  He is going to just have to trust me and let me know exactly what he needs.  I’ll dive off the course if I have to.

Just waved at by Mr. Nice Guy.  Mrs. Snotty Potty snarled. He doesn’t look happy.  Loads of stinky perfume and cologne.  Back of the plane with y’all!

A gal got on just in front of me who had one of the little air tanks like Mike has.  She couldn’t remember where she was supposed to sit.  The attendant, who looked really familiar to me, couldn’t quite remember either.  I said “a friend of mine flies with those things.  Ma’am, you have to sit on the window side and not in an emergency row.” She agreed it was a pain!

Mid Flight …

Kerry and his guide Scott are on this flight.  Shove Kerry, completely blind, between Scott and me and our row is full!  I’ve never really talked with Scott, so this should be nice to get to know him.

Scott didn’t know the 2-foot rule.  I’m thinking that the reason Boston doesn’t like Kerry with his guide on a 6-foot tether is because of their 2-foot rule.  Also, there is no really knowing if the guide in the front is really pulling Kerry or not.  I’m diplomatic because if those are the rules, those are the rules.  He’s not starting with the blind runners nor there with Achilles. I guess I don’t know the ins and outs of the “mobility impaired” athlete rules, but I’m not going to argue with him.  He’s got his thing and he’s doing it.  Very cool.  I did find out that he’s switching guides mid stream.  Hum.  He’s getting a fresh guide at around the 1/2 marathon point. 

I like that I’m there for the whole haul with the Boys and we’ll all be getting tired together.  It will be an easy way to gage how everyone is doing.  Mike said we’ll be stopping for air about every 7.5 miles.  That works.  Mile 7, 14.5, and 21.  He said he can go further, but I’d far prefer to be stopping like this and if Steve is having problems, he can get to the meds that we can’t carry on the route.

I will finally see Steve’s nebulizer thing.  I’ll know what kind of air a guy with a trach has to sleep with. I’ll keep working on my health to make it so I don’t need any of these things!

The flight attendant and I finally realized where we knew each other from. Her usual flights are from Denver to the West, including Vegas, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  “Hey – didn’t you do a race and show me the surf board medal?” “You’ve done your hair differently, haven’t you?” We laughed!

Note to self: Re-up first aid!




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