Sherpa Shep In Boston!

7 05 2010

(Journal 5) Probably one of the most important thing to me was to see family while I was in Boston.  Of course, I was only there for a couple of days with limited mobility, so we were going to have to make it quick. 

My cousins Chris and James live in the Boston area with their families.  Robin is actually just up the way on the train.  Chris and I had been talking and we decided we were doing dinner on Saturday.  I had no clue as to when Mike was getting in or if he would want to go out.  He was invited, but had a nightmarish flight over so stayed in the hotel.

Mike walked me downstairs to meet Chris and can attest that I am not tall when standing next to my younger cousin!  He laughed and said there was no mistaking the family resemblance.  Chris married a gal named … dum-de-dum … Liz a handful of years ago.  It’s caused confusion on our Facebook posts and I think it is a gas when Chris is getting posts from Lis Shepard and Liz Shepard!  We had to prove there were two of us!  I’d not met Mr. Oscar nor Mr. Max yet.  I don’t cotton to the whole 2nd cousin nonsense.  Takes too much work.  They’re my nephews now.  Auntie Dizzy or Auntie Lizzy is adding to her brood! 😉

Since James – the youngest of my Uncle Walter’s gents – is the manager of a restaurant/pub called the Elephant and Castle, we went there.  Killed two birds with one stone.  I wasn’t going to be able to see Idella (James’ wife) or meet Miss Jade and Mr. Wolfie (my next set of niece and nephew) but hope to see them on this trip.  If not, I’m either going to have to qualify for this bloody hell race or find something else to come out for!

I hopped in the back of the mini-van (oh Chris … a mini-van … you are a Daddy!) and off we went.  Maxy and Oscar let me know what was going on  and were polite with their folks.  Liz told me that they’d already had their dinner, but were scooped up to meet Cousin Lizzy from Colorado!

If you get the chance, go to the Elephant and Castle.  Comfy, really yummy food, and great prices.  I walked in and felt like it would be a place that I would definitely make as my “going out with friends” pub.  It’s a chain, but doesn’t feel like it at all!  They had a marathoner’s special for Sunday also.  I have to remember to let James know that although the pasta and carbs is a good one, cream or milk based sauces are a no-no for a lot of racers because they’re mucus producing. 

See – there are 2 Liz/s’ bracketing some pretty hot boys! 🙂 Ok … I’m biased! 

I was really tired.  The trip took a lot out of me and both the youngsters were really amazingly well-behaved.  Liz and Chris take their time to listen to the little gents and they do respond to it! The fact that it was WAY past their bedtime was admirable.

Max (the younger) konked out before we finished.  I’m the no-kids Auntie, but I offered to carry him.  Liz and Chris had done enough for me already!  They’d treated me to a yummy dinner so a little heavy labor carrying Max was nothing!

It’s become a running joke that I’m taller than most of my friends.  Nobody believes me when I say I’m a “short Shepard.” I guess I take after the Shupert side when it comes to height, because I definitely look like Chris and James (I’ve not seen Lorenzo in years … will have to do a race in Portland that doesn’t clash with San Jose).  I barely come up to their shoulder gang!  I’m tiny!!!

The thing about the Shep Guys is that they sure know how to not only hug, but make a perpetually slightly lost cousin feel found. 

If you’re in Boston, and can go to the Elephant & Castle … and my cousin James is working … say Hi for me! And Chris (the English Professor) don’t you dare correct my grammar, tenses or passive voice!  I’m still older than you! A whole lot shorter, but old age and tretchery! If you’re not careful, I’ll make ya go for a walk with me.

I love my cousins! 😉

 Wouldn’t this group make an awesome pit crew?  I would probably have James managing it tho!




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