Team Wheezy HQ: The Hyatt Adventure

7 05 2010

(Journal 5) MMmmmmmm Donut and Coffee … do I have to move?  It’s crummy weather out.  It’s been pouring here with no rhyme or reason.  Sent texts to the cousins, Steve & Mike.  Mom got the phone call, but I didn’t tell her about the donut.  “Oh El-lis-a-beth!” would have been her reply.  She wishes the guys luck. 
Once a Pirate, always a Pirate.  If you’ve known me since my String Cheese Incident Days, you’ll understand my using this as my weather report.  Right where I was waiting for the #66 bus (which will be my new best friend bus, according to Steve) was a hooper! Wheee!
I’m the first one in town.  Mike is next around 5 p.m. and Steve sometime tomorrow morning.  He’s doing an overnighter flight.  Kind of reminds me of Vegas with Twin showing up in the middle of the night. 
I’ve got a good feeling.  I think the weather is going to be at least polite for the race.  Anyone’s guess, of course.  I know I die in the heat and Mike can’t get any traction for the cart in the rain.  Steve just has to have air and not get too cold.  I recall him shivering before San Jose. 
I’m not sure of this hotel we’re staying at.  Bus here!
Ok – The hotel is the Hyatt.  It’s nice and right on the water.  I don’t know how much wandering around I’ll get to do.  There’s something called a Water Taxi.  I texted with my cousin Chris who said “It’s a taxi … on the water.” OI!
When I checked in, I detected a really strange echo.  It must be something to do with the floor and concave ceiling.  It would irritate the heck out of me.  It doesn’t dampen anything apparently.  The woman ahead of me had two kids in bathing suits.  This isn’t my usual Howard Johnson’s, come on kids! Quit climbing about on the counter.  My mom would have been horrified!

My turn.  Mike put my name at the desk.  The woman said “Ma’am. Your air is here. Shall we deliver it.” Oh my! Uh … “Yes, that would be nice.”  Exactly what was being delivered?!  I also wonder how Mike’s cart is getting here.  I never really asked!  Did it come on the plane with him or did he ship it early.  Wow! The details I could never fathom.

Actually I think I fathomed them but they weren’t mine to be concerned with.

Going up the elevator, there’s a spectacular view.  Turns out this is where Chris and Liz (Elizabeth … yeah there is another one!) spent their honeymoon evening before they flew out for wherever it was they went (sorry Cuz, I don’t remember!).  
It looks like I packed for a month even thought I’m only here for a couple of days.  I like having my food or snacks.  Unlike other places I’ve stayed, this is about as close to Disney as I can get outside of the resort.  There is no grocery within walking distance and it is just plain yucky out.  I looked at the prices of the restaurant.  What part of “No way” is being expressed here?!  I wonder how close the restaurant James manages is (Elephant and Castle).  Maybe he can bring by table scraps!
I barely got in the room before the bell-hop brought up Mike’s air.  Oh CRAP! I didn’t think about tipping money.  The one time I’ve travelled to a nice place without a few dollar bills!  I take care of things so much myself, it just slipped my mind.  Josh, the Bell-Hop, wondered what everything was and I was able to explain that the tall thing (I call it the “Dalek” from Dr. Who fame) fills the smaller ones (which I used to call the “uglies” but now call “adipose” keeping with the Dr. Who theme).  There was something I’d never seen before, but it must be the air compressor thing that Mike sleeps with.
(the Photo shows the Dalek in the background and the little Adipose in the milk crates.  The metal poll thing is a cart of sorts that is just hideous!  I put in Dr. Who photo just so you know what I’m talking about.)
Mike and my view is nothing like the other side of the building.  It is a lovely view of runway number 14! The weather is gray.  I’ve got tons of warm weather clothing thanks to Disney.  I wonder if my spotty skirt is going to stay up without my having a sport belt holding it in place.  Slick bicycling skinnies with slick race skirt … it could get ugly and my cousins live here!
Here’s the view on a crummy weather day:



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