Time to go home & Flight to Denver.

22 06 2010

(Journal 12 – 11 is dinner out and I think the photos are on my other computer)

Wow – we did it.  It wasn’t how we really wanted it to be, but what are you going to do? Mike was moving well with injured pride. Steve made it through the night with no emergency medical calls. I was a bit of a mess! I was compensating for the ripped up toe pads on my left and kind of  waddling through dinner.  I took a warm shower because I was so bloody cold when we got back to the hotel. I knew I would pay for it, but I really didn’t care. All I had to do was get on the plane.

I packed partly the night before and some when I was trying to get out the door. Mike’s taking my Addidas poster and I’ll have to remember to pick it up in Denver. I had to pack up my “kitchen” and shove my carry on stuff into my bag. I did pick up a new set of kicks. For most, this isn’t a problem, but my shoes are between a size 10.5 and 11 men’s (Thanks Dad) so they take up space.

My flight was early. I was flying from Boston to Baltimore to Denver. Check off another airport.  First things first, however. I had to get to the airport.

The boys are amazing guys. Between the two of them, they made my dream come true. I ran & walked & kinda-coached in the Boston Marathon. Steve is qualified for 2011, but I think he’s closing the door on his Marathon career with this one. I think Mike will have to re-qualify and if I know him, he’s going to.

Mike’s already talked me in to a climb of Mount Evans in July. I’ve never been up a 14er. Foxy Roxy and he will be taking the road and I guess I need to find people I feel safe enough to walk with.  But that is in Denver and I’m writing this on the bouncy 66 bus!

Now I know why I love my main luggage. Four roll-any-direction wheels and semi rigid. Make great foot rests and tables! Actually, I was able to give one a quick shove so it would roll on the high wax floor after I got my coffee, breakfast sandwich, and, of course, Boston cream doughnut with chocolate and sprinkles. I only go to Dunkin’ Donuts on the East Coast.  It is like I only go to In-N-Out Burger from Central California through the Mexican border. Then again

I’ll go to Rubio’s in Denver – but I digress.

More Boston cream donut.  Breakfast of Champions. 

I’m tired. my foot is ripped up as well as blistered. Note to self (slurp of custard before it hits the journal page where it would be custard abuse) – when you know you’re going to be out there for longer than usual, double up on the body glide on your feet!  I walked out the door with loose shoes on because my feet are swollen.  It isn’t pretty at all. I’ve got time before Colfax. I should be able to stay off them completely for a while as long as the rips don’t get bloody. If that happens, it takes forever. I’m hoping my feet will dry out just enough.

Watching people starting to filter in to Logan Airport, I realized how happy I was that Mike paid the $10 so I wouldn’t have to try to check in while we were on the course!

I finished my snack and got to the check in. Sigh. Long line. Sore feet. Screw it!

Off with the shoes and on with the purple fuzzies I wear on planes. And they’re fun! I slipped around on the floor, making myself laugh. Isn’t that what life is all about?

A few folks actually recognized me and asked how the guys did. I was wondering what happened to some of the other athletes we started with.

It is going to be a long flight. I would have preferred to have flown straight. I bet it is snowing in Denver! Has every other time I’ve flown back.

More later. I’m tired.




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