Nutrition Class at Metro State or Lizzy’s Sucky Eating Stops NOW!

24 06 2010

REALLY! -HONESTLY! Mom did teach me to eat properly. I just got away from it over the years.  It didn’t help when the fairly “big boned” me grew up with an entirely too trim family of tall people with lighter bone structures! I also wasn’t helped by “coaches” who hypercriticized me for being in excess of 155. I’m someplace between 5’9 and 5’10”. I did have a coach very early on who said “EAT LIZZY!! An Athlete gets to eat more and you like to eat!” This was short circuited by a society prizing that thin figure.

I short-circuited my physiological need for food (hunger). This is the definition, according to my actually really good nutrition book, of “anorexia.” Go fig! I could have told them that! My psychological food desires (appetite) is more than left intact! Trust me! I just “forget” to eat. Of course, the thing that I do is remember and eat whatever is handy.

Yeah, I know I’m smarter than this, but there you go.

I made the decision that I would not rely on supplements heavily. I like to crunch! I do add Vemma and another awesome vegan supplement. I just have to eat because my body quickly goes into the “oh crap, she’s forgetting she likes to eat again” mode and starts holding on to everything to make it through the next inadvertent “starvation” mode.

While I’m trying to get things straightened out around here, my training has been spotty simply because things are taking longer than expected.  IRS can keep you for forever, court requires a lot of waiting, doctor appointments are hury-up-and-wait. When it is as hot as it has been outside, I overheat like nuts. Yeah, excuses. Boredom eating is another excuse! I’ve gone through the house and gotten rid of most of the crap I’ve had around here, but I still have to be interested in eating!

I believe a lot of things come down to time management, and time management is one of my goals for the summer. I used to think if I wasn’t going in 27 directions at once, I was lazy. That is still in my head (sitting next to my not-eating habit) and both have been handed their eviction notices! It requires ripping out a lot of bad wiring. Mom did put a good foundation in when I was a kid.  I love fruits and vejis. Just about anything that crunches is my friend. I only become a salt vampire when I’m bored and there is a whole bag of chips in front of me. I can’t stomach fast food anymore and actually do like to cook here and there.

It’s not that I don’t “buy” food, but I’ve never quite gotten it through my head since I’ve lived in Colorado that things tend to spoil quicker. I am making more banana bread than most restaurants! HA! I know that I’m making far better choices since I am not surrounded by the “restaurants” on campus or food that I would eat at my desk.  Firstly, it is less expensive, but secondly eating whatever and whatnot because it was handy did me no good. I noticed my energy level would be somewhere around bla even though I could check off the proverbial boxes of nutrients etc.

I took a nutrition class as part of my AA at Santa Rosa Junior College.  I’ve still got that text book and it was a really eye opening class for me. It got me thinking about my eating because of a paper I wrote at the time. Sometimes you’ve got to see things in black and white. I was still in “damning myself” mode, but sometimes it takes me longer to learn lessons. This nutrition class finds me in a place where I’m interested in jumping off for the rest of my life. I will probably always have to take supplements. I’ll have to always remind myself to eat – I’ve known that since the first time I was in a “functional anorexics” study.  I also know that every time I look at myself, I have to take off my “distorted view” glasses and it’s not easy.

Where this all comes from is my taking three days and doing a diet analysis for the class. I didn’t really think about it, I just used three days in a row. I also had to make sure they weren’t three days that were anomalies: going to gourmet food event at the Denver Zoo, having a spectacular meal at a friend’s, or hanging out with my bud who just happened to be in town.  Three more-or-less standard days – and, although I was doing well for a while, I slipped into my bad habits when it started getting really hot and I started to feel overwhelmed with the things that have slid over the past year and a half.

No excuses, I know, but acknowledgement is important. I have done the writing things down plan, but I really have to do is graze all day long.

I just got off the phone with Kristen The Nurse. “Lizzy!!! Where are your vejis? Where are your carbs?” Normally, I have no problems in these realms! For these three days, I didn’t log any vejis! I am not re-doing the whole thing, but I know I probably devoured some. Time to start all over writing things in the I-Thingie and doing it for Lizzy!

I’ve got to write up a project based on these results. As I say, it’s a wonder why I am not rail thin but not really because it has been such a bad habit.

So, here’s to evicting bad-body-image, non-eating, lazy-training, and sucky-time-management habits!





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