Article Review: Simple Steps to Staying Trim

24 09 2010

Magazine: American Institute for Cancer Research Newsletter on Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Prevention – Fall 2009 – Issue 105

Article Title:  “Simple Steps to Stay Trim: If you want to lose a few pounds and reduce your cancer risk, try these simple steps before you spend money on a diet book or program.”


A nice common sense article that reminds people that responsibility for one’s diet starts with being aware of what is being consumed. Although written in the American Institute for Cancer Research Newsletter, the suggestions are worthwhile for all people. The standard 30 minutes of physical activity daily and consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is stated along with the suggestion of “three healthy meals and two nutritious snacks” is backed up with common sense approaches to make those meals and snacks count.

Four Main Points:

  1. Losing weight and lowering cancer risks require following a few common sense steps that make healthy lifestyle changes.
  2. in a world of “super sized” everything – Cut Portion Sizes
    1. Serve yourself a portion .25 the usual size. Use internal hunger to decide if you want more.
    2. Use smaller plates and bowls, cook smaller portions, don’t put serving bowls on the table,
    3. “In restaurants, ask for a take-out container to pack up extra food before you start eating.
    4. Consider the Ingredients of a Meal
      1. A salad covered with high fat dressing, cheese, bacon bits, croutons and other toppings loses the value
      2. Avoid cream sauces and cooking with fat.
      3. Start meal with a green salad or broth-based soup and finish with naturally sweet fruit
      4. Healthy Snacks to Avoid Hunger
        1. Avoid temptation of candy machines with fresh fruits, whole grain cereals and crackers, small amounts of cheese or yoghurt, and/or a bowl of carrots, celery sticks, bell pepper strips and other vegetables upon which to graze.


Learn and Application to Clients and Self:

I am going through a period where my diet, and complete lack of interest in eating, is under scrutiny. It was shown that serving sizes and containers (plates, bowls etc) have steadily increased over time, as has our obesity rate. These common sense approaches can be used to ease a client (and self) into healthier eating practices. Personally, however, I do not much care for the 3 to 2 mention. Five small meals through the day connotes conclusion to each o f the feeding period. “Snacking” is where people get themselves in trouble because it is justified as “just a snack” or “just a little something” without a lot of attention paid to exactly what it is.




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