27474 is my ID for Vegas!

18 11 2010

Twin is great to travel with. We make kind of a funny pair.

TWIN: She is really organized. She NEEDS to have all the arangements done in advance. I like to have them done in advance, but I have a lot of stuff swirrling about. She gives me the kick in the  butt to make sure I’m taken care of. I think she just gets a kick out of my packing hours before leaving attitude sometimes. She’s also a great deal stronger than I am, so has to wait for me at the end.

LIZZY: I can get us anywhere if I have a map and a public transportation system! I don’t exactly know where I got this gene, but even when I am lost, I can get my bearings rather quickly. I’m also highly protective, so I keep my team together. I’m also taller than most, so I can be seen over the crowd.

Together, we’re the Twin Countesses of CAN-DO! Twin just finished her first marathon and I’m getting close to the finish line of tying up the marathon of dealing with past crap. What is truly funny is that we’re both high energy, but we haven’t destroyed a room/hotel (yet).

I know many folks know our story, but we met as house-mates at Dave McGovern’s racewalking camp in 2008. It was anyone’s bet if we were going to get along or kill one another because we are both high energy and high power women.  We hit it off immediately – if not sooner! By the end of the week, we were thought of as essentially twins even though she is 3 years older than me.

My first Virginia Beach Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon stemmed from Twin pulling my ass out of Denver and saying I’d have fun. The strange thing was I would be flying out and staying at the apartment of a gal that I barely knew. Races are little stress-balls, so I usually travel solo. I guess it is because I have my own way of doing things and I don’t want to go through the situation of being really knocked off kilter as I was when I was staying with a buddy before a marathon.

I flew out and the rest is history. I was adopted by the Tidewater Striders Walker Division. I had fun with Twin. And I learned I could literally trust her and Steve S. with my life as they carried the non-breathing me over the finish line. Things like this stick with me.

Since then, I’ve considererd Virginia Beach, and my pals there, my second home. It has been that group of folks who have been pushing me to join the local racewalking team (High Altitude Racewalking Team) at least to have people to train with. I have a feeling, they want me to motor over to Tidewater Striders when I pay my USATF fees. I’ll figure that out later.

Virginia Beach is now Twin’s and my “regular” and she did my “regular” of San Jose turning that into one for her. I finally did her precious Shamrock. I would keep Shamrocking On if they kept the walk monitoring, but they aren’t so I’m not. This is the second year, and probably last, we’re doing Las Vegas. It’s an expensive race. I am doing it for Team Challenge  –  but no matter how much I agree with the organziation, I have to put my future racing ahead of fixed fundraising activities like this. I might do things for Team Fox – for my grandmother – but they will be events I’m already doing.

The thing about Twin and myself is that although we are highly competitve, we both have goofy senses of humor. Last year, I got her to wear a Cow-Girl hat she found at the Rodeo Expo. Well – she bought it, but knew I would be wearing my Stitch ears. She came up with Shamrocking stuff. Virginia Beach will always be the party with twisty streamers. San Jose was the innagural Witch’s Hats for my birthday. This year, we’re doing the Santa 5k the day before and getting Santa Suits. I wonder how many pins it’s going to take to keep the thing up on Twin! Vegas On-Course hats will be something unusual, I’m sure!

I’m closing the door on a lot of things with this race. 2012 is my year to start taking me seriously as a competitor. I have made some amazing friends who are behind me and I am finally taking care of my health. I have put a lot of other things ahead of what I want to be doing for me for a lot of reasons. 

As you all know, I do things with my own style and class. LVRNR will be done that way. I’m trying out a couple of things for Surf City to lighten up my race.

Never know, might slide in under 6 hours yet! But got to finish Vegas on my feet. I’d like under 3 hours also! 😉




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