Magic happens!

4 01 2011

I will catch up on this later, but I truly thought I would be rebuilding myself from a point of strength not one of weakness. Alas, it is just that. 

However, out of weakness, strength can grow.

What I mean is my injury load and sideways thinking has resurfaced but in a safe enough place for timely disposal. If you are going to revamp and recycle your form, you have to have the patience to do it slowly and incrementally. I have a lot of other things I have to deal with which all dovetail together. The only way to rip out the wiring is not Willy Nilly but by systematic bunches. The only way to deal with the systematic bunches is to slow down and look at them

If you know me, slowing down just isn’t in the cards. I have to have the proverbial “brick in the path” to get me to change course. I came to South Carolina to get myself in order from at least a racing perspective.  Yes, it has taken me being reinjured and comfortable enough to say something to my hosts in an attempt to fix myself once and for all.

*I kick my foot in and use my whole body to protect my knee.  *I get frustrated with myself for being weak. *I have to drop my front foot closer and flick off the back foot.

I also realized I have the ability to be myself and people like me anyway.






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