Taking time to think….

5 01 2011

A lot of athletics is just plain fun, but one does have to take the time to think.  The mental game (more than just the belief that racewalking is “mental”) is really important.

Many believe the mental game is a rigid toughness that is the last step that propels one across the finish line. A rigid toughness becomes a rough mask sometimes.

Having one’s life as sorted out as possible is extremely important. I am surrounded by people here who have their support groups at home To keep them motivated.  The first cheerleader has to be the self, however. That means all the crap of your life has to be chucked in the proverbial bin.

It is easier to see this when I am away. I am chucking out and cleaning up while learning. OK – I have a few things on my plate and races on my dance card, but I am chucking old and outmoded things into the reeds.

Maybe my injury returned for a very good reason ….




2 responses

6 01 2011

Hmm . . . Steve said you and I were a lot alike [I think he was meaning HYPER, but you know :)], and I think I see more of that now! Maybe it’s also in the fact that we both don’t take time to carefully think, but at the same time, think way too much all the time!

Also, I am so pumped you are blogging again. 🙂

7 01 2011

Slowly but surely. Will be back in the swing.

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