P90 Day 1 – Not as Bambi-like as I thought

2 02 2011

I watched the videos yesterday and tried out a few things here and there, so I count today as the first day of the new me.

I spread a couple of yoga mats on the floor. Wait, did I mention that I have four of those heavy foam mats as part of my living room floor? A friend of mine gave me the for heavy puzzle squares over the holidays. I picked up some heavy fabric to cover the red/blue mats creating a kind of workout area in the living room while creating kind of a barrior for my downstairs neighbors and my potential jumping around at all hours of my insomniac life.

Where was I?

OK – I found my yoga toe pieces which make my feet just a smidgen stickier so I can be barefooted (even when it is bloody cold) while working out. I crossed two yoga mats on the floor. My covering on the puzzle mats isn’t attached tightly until I figure out what I am doing with the covering.

I don’t have the routine memorized at this point. Coach Bailey Boo was glaring at me as I had problems with my balance. I could see the routine is balanced, right-left, well timed and fun. Tony Horton is chatty but not irritating.  Since the filming is straight through, there are imperfections: correcting the “Kids”, nearly forgetting an exercise, and sweat showing through the T-shirt.  It is reality v. Perfection.

I really like the warming up, two sets through each series of three exercises, and the fact that Tony doesn’t take himself too seriously! I had problems with the first few moves and surprised myself with the ease at which I was able to do the “boxing ” ones. Hummmmm. The last bit – Abs – I felt a bit like a turtle, but felt really good.

Finished and made myself a smoothie: frozen strawberries, protein powder, Greek yoghurt,  and orange/pineapple juice.

Thanks, Tony, for reminders to breathe and to do things at my own rate. I have a lot of growth to do and the time to get there.




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