P90 Day 3 – sorry neighbors!

4 02 2011


Leaving for Huntington Beach training walk in a couple hours. I have some calf soreness and a bit in the obliques. Since I am irritated with my post-45 weight so I am wearing sweats on the plane.

I really do like this series. Reminders of doing things at my pace and well timed. I know I will have it memorized pretty quick.

I think the best part of this first week of restart is my personal observations. I know that this happens to me, but I forget at times when things get too hectic.

I have been interested in cooking but was thinking “nah I don’t really have the time.” Actually, I can see how I can make the time for it. My salt intake has been back to trace because I have no interest in crap! 

I have been looking around again and know that if we give ourselves a few minutes, we can really go a long way. I look at where I am now compared to last year and I wonder how I put up with stuff for that long.

Don’t give me that Coach’s Scowl, Tony Horton!  I am taking the next couple of days for a race!

Life is better when you are moving and smiling. I have a wonderful dog and my attitude is loving it!




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