Gotta Love The Restarts

7 06 2011

I have had friends asking when I was going to restart the blog. I have had others asking if I have grown out of putting my life out there. Since part of what makes me uh me is helping others, I came to realize that what this has always been about is my getting unstuck, pitching forward, falling down, getting up … repeat. I didn’t think it meant anything until friends of friends have said thank you.

This latest restart truly takes into account everything I have not wanted to look at over the past two years, and the fact that I can do some of this on my smart phone.

I had another terrible and unprepared for race in California. It was a tipping point because even before I started, I didn’t feel right. Thank God for Facebook Chat because I was being calmed down by Coach Jim Leppik in Australia at 5 am Pacific Time.

Jim reminded me REPEATEDLY that this was a nothing race and I was just to check in with me and finish. The 100th Bay to Breakers wasn’t terrible per se – but I feel I have to go back to do it properly.

What it did offer me was a break opening opportunity to what was holding me back. I got back to my folks and was really crabby. Right before I left, I was able to hook up with my best bud from high school – Carla Bisagno. Actually, what started out as coffee in Mill Valley to catch up after nearly 30 years turned in to Lizzy Coming To The Rescue In Mom’s Blue Car; a role I have had since I could legally drive.

Conch and I had a great talk and I started to see what needed to be done once I got back to Colorado. Interestingly,  she, like others, saw something in me that I never have been able. Maybe I have just hidden it from myself until the puzzle box picture lid was repeatedly shown to me by people I trust and at times I was ready to see it.

Whatever!! A couple of days after I got back to Denver, I had my ears politely boxed in a way I could glimse the picture on the box lid.

Ok – train to my stop. Will finish later!





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