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11 06 2011


There is a lot of truth to the notion that when things are a mess, people tend to be a bit more depressed and slow moving.

I have spent the past couple of weeks ripping through my apartment getting rid of excess and out-moded things, but pulled a muscle in my back moving a heavy pine desk to the hallway to be collected by my neighbor. I tried to plow along, but after picking myself up after a my back decided to tell me, rather painfully,  it was in charge I decided it wasn’t worth it.

This is a huge turnabout as part of my injury load since 2009 stems from not stopping and caring for my past scar tissue and generating more …. and worse still,  bad habits to compensate for weakness and avoid pain.

What has been interesting is that school restarting coincided with the little hiatus of the last bit of the project. It moved my Drop Dead to the end of the weekend.

The interesting thing is while I have had these little projects cluttering up, I was distracted in my walking. I had to really trick myself to get through the first kilometer. I discovered as soon as I got blood flowing through my painful hip, I could focus a bit on walking. A bit because my mind drifts back to those bits of the projects that are still undone and the clutter I am avoiding. Right now my walking is also disturbing me but whatever!

So – for me I finally cemented something I have known intellectually for forever: I have to be at least somewhat ordered in my outside world to have a fighting chance to be ordered in my inside world which translates into integrating focus back into my exercising and racewalking.

The photo for this entry is an old 200 megabyte removable Syquist drive. Way back in the day this was expensive and tip of the iceberg.  Now it is just clutter that was in the attic!

Clear the clutter – Clear the space.
Clear the past – Clear the mind.
Combine the clear – Focus on competing and pushing my boundaries!




2 responses

11 06 2011
Nyle Sunderland

having a good spring clean really helps clear out clutter and clear the mind……but walking helps clear the mind and clear the soul. Great to hear you are figuring it all out.

“Walk to live – Live to Walk”

12 06 2011

Well – I am great with other people and sometimes blow it on myself. I got disconnected when a lot of other stressors pushed their way to the front.

I gotta get this new habit cemented before Sacramento so I can be prepared for my Kiwi Relaxation and Chill course!! 😉

“Remember: The Turtle Won!”

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