Signposts Along The Way

13 06 2011


When travelling the long road back, it is truly important to notice the changes in the signposts along the way.

A metaphor-phobic friend would be rolling his eyes “This early on a Monday Morning,  Lizzy.  REALLY?? Pass the coffee. “

I think it is one of the tell-tale signs of insanity: expecting a different result using the same information. If you do the same and expect better, you are nuts!

Opportunities show up as long as you take the time to look at them. In my case, I sometimes learn the lesson or see the point from a conversation a bit down the road. Yeah – I think too much.

In my walking, I did well for a short time and had the sinking suspicion that it was just a taste of what I can do as long as I build the base and network to get there. I just had to be patient and really believe in myself. Self Patience, as I have said before, has been in short supply until now.

As I have chinked off and put away past, friends have come forward with the information I need to assimilate (or at least look at) for the things that I want for me.

A couple of conversations have cemented what I thought at a gut level and it is a smidge disturbing, but not terribly so. Confirms some of what I have thought and helped me to put some of my painful and disastrous 2 years of walking into perspective.

Perspective is necessary to really grow. Perspective also puts a different light on some of those “lessons” or observations from friends.

I know I am slow and clunky right now. I won’t be at my beat when I hit Masters in Sacramento, but I do know that I will be my best for whatever the conditions are for that day, then continue to improve.,

Train stop. Today’s agenda: school, cleaning, track, homework. I do lead an exciting life! 😉




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