Chaffing SUX!!

14 06 2011


EEERRRRFFF! OK I didn’t yell that loud enough in the shower for the neighbors to hear. What I did ask was “And how the hell did you do that to yourself Shep?”

As water splashed on the irritatingly familiar chaffing rash, I ran through my head how I had done this to myself especially since I didn’t wear my Garmin heart rate monitor strap while doing my First Training on a track in forever. Oh yeah – sport bra has a tiny rippled edge and with the extra weight I am carrying, it is a problem. It just so happened that I was talking about chaffing in a race with a buddy of mine, who makes me look like Dolly Pardon in the bust line, the day before!

It happens to all of us! I like a product called Body Glide, as it was recommended to me right when I started and I was far higher a percentage of body fat than I am now.

I am also dehydrated. It has been warm in Colorado again. I have cut the coffee intake to nothing, but just have to pile in more water.  Dry mouth in Colorado is a bad thing!

Yesterday I got on the track, hung out in lane 5, and did a 40 minute walk. I was the ride for a friend of mine, so I figured I would do what would coincide. She rocks, was doing her workout, and would wait until I was done. It was an easy fit.

I laughed about a lot of things, but when we put our water bottles down for our respective workouts lanes 1 and 5 were busy!

I wanted to keep around an 8:05 km (~13:08 mi ) but I also don’t stare at my Garmin. I am finally paying attention to me. The watch laps at 1km, so around and around I went.

Breathing sucked, form motoring forward, mind easily clicked into that happy focused place I have missed over the past couple of years.

Yeah chaffing sucks but it is a reminder to take care of myself and keep moving forward.

Workout: 5.28k in 00:40:03. Nothing feeling horrible but tight glutes.

Today: school, gym, irritating bills, a few laps in the park.




2 responses

14 06 2011

I’m enjoying the Lizzy blogs :].

Just remember — it’ll keep getting easier. You know that!
And you ARE a rockstar! [And a speed-demon for that matter! :)]

14 06 2011

Thanks Kerri! Slow and steady wins the race. I want to be the Fastest Turtle In The World.

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