Another Spendy Set Of Yellow Kicks

15 06 2011


So – back in my running days I had heavy shoes and light shoes. Part of me still thinks this way with racewalking. I wanted to give the Saucony FastTwitch kicks another shot …. and I found a pair at Runner’s Roost on deep clearance.

One of the things I have been meaning to do is grab the Garmin and measure some of the routes by my house. I don’t have one of those nifty wheel things, but I would love one! Yesterday, after dealing with the phone and heat, I marked off a dual hill 2 km loop and how far the new cement path at Bible Park is (2.65 km).  Since it would be a little bit of racewalk interrupted by marking, I tried out the kicks.

Sigh – but better than if I had tried a full workout in them. I truly hate training in these shoes.

I knew they were higher than my Brooks T6 but didn’t realize by how much. Also my foot slopped around until my heel slipped out of the heel box.

For Running, they might rock, however. I wore them to school today and they were comfy. When I walked a little in the halls between labs, the were ok and when I jogged for the train they felt good.

Once I realized that my “measuring workout” was going to be a lousy workout, I used the time to see where I was. I did click into my happy walking place mentally here and there, but because I was stopping to mark the route, I didn’t stay in there long. I was able to click back when I finished marking, so that rocks.

So it wasn’t a real workout,  but time in sneakers – just the wrong ones.

Off walking today. Feeling really tired. Didn’t sleep well.




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