The Best Part of Replacing My Smartphone

15 06 2011

Ok – I had a completely different post in mind, but I had to replace my frying-the-fingers smartphone yesterday. I realized then that the project of writing out my passwords that I have been procrastinating on really needed to be done. When you have 7 email accounts, it really becomes apparent that procrastinating was folly.

My phone has been acting up for about a month. I finally got fed up and went to the Verizon store to check this irritating problem off my list. Don’t ask me why I thought all email addresses and passwords would transfer from phone to phone – I know better than that.

It was pretty irritating when I realized that I really didn’t have all my passwords memorized. After going through one of those irritating bouts of having an email address hijacked, I started changing them again. I also revisited my project of writing down passwords.

“OK, Shep,  what in the blue blazes does this have to do with anything?”

Well, like the first stage of clearing out, having to remember what I use and what the damned accounts are got me to start to think about what junk I was carrying around on my phone.

I had aps that I hadn’t looked at or was sort of trial running for friends. I had “organizational” aps that I had kind of used but wasn’t sure if I wanted. I had texts cluttering up the works and e-mails that needed to be deleted.

WHOO HOO! POUF!!!! They’re gone and, aside from the irritation of trying to deal with those things I “need” on the phone, I feel terrific!

Of course, all emails that I sent while going through the fog of decluttering and reorganizing my life are gone. No clue if I embarrassed the hell out of myself, just *POUF* gone!

Like the drama associated with it.

Time for Anatomy * Physiology.




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