Oh My Gosh The Pain

16 06 2011

I have never been in this much pain! This includes breaking my ankle and my car accident! It goes right up there with a spinal tap!

I got home from class yesterday and my lower back was spasming for no particularly good reason. Ok – eat dinner and stretch. I found myself walking around like a little old lady.

I tried to go to bed after taking a couple of Excedrine PM and was unable to get comfortable and had shooting pains.

I woke up this morning feeling a little sore but thinking I was OK until I couldn’t put weight on my right leg or move it without pain.

I thought my back was strong, but this is completely debilitating! Rolling pain that makes me want to yell.

I did get in the bathroom and I know I am dehydrated, so I am going to drink as much as possible.

This is the most terrifying feeling – especially since I live on the third floor!




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16 06 2011

Sounds a bit like me last January; I took too much Ibuprofen and gave myself vertigo on top of it (the kind that makes the bed spln).

Eventually it passed…but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun while it was going on. 🙂

I hope that you feel better soon.

The good news is that I was back to working out within a week after the “attack”.

16 06 2011

Wow – Ollie!

I have dealt with stupid things here and there but this has thrown me for a loop!

Me unable to move is truly humbling!

16 06 2011

PS: I took the ibuprofen because I twisted my back badly…and was walking like a 90 year old man.

16 06 2011

I am walking like a 102 year old woman!

16 06 2011
Nyle Sunderland

lis this sounds dreadful. I hope you have been able to see the chiro please do take care and REST!!

16 06 2011

Felt dreadful! I have massage and chiro tomorrow and am becoming a fan of ibuprophin.

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